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What Buhari must do differently now – Lawyers

A second term for President Buhari offers a great opportunity for him to write his name down in history as the leader that changed Nigeria positively. I dream of a Buhari regime that will tackle headlong the issue of security which has become the most challenging subject of governance. I hope the President will pay greater attention to this and “personally” take charge especially with the crimes of kidnapping and murders by herdsmen in parts of the country. In that wise, the President should as a matter of urgency, approve the principle of having State Police and support the necessary constitutional, legal and executive actions to make it happen. This should be treated by the President as most urgent.

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Prison mgt by FG strange way of practising federalism – Kalu, SAN

Prof. Awa Uma Kalu, SAN, is a renowned advocate, prolific writer and law teacher. For over two decades, he has made profound contributions to legal education and scholarship through long years of teaching, law book writing, quality paper presentation and publications.  He is also Vanguard’s Law and Human Rights columnist. In this interview, he shares his thoughts on many national issues. Excerpts:

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