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Judiciary: Is justice for sale?

Remember that the judiciary as an arm of government does not have a garrison of soldiers or police to compel compliance with its orders, ruling and judgments. Rather, the judiciary relies and survives only on public confidence. This public confidence will be eroded by your actions and in-actions.”

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Can a female commit rape? It’s difficult for a man to be raped – Prof Itse Sagay

I have doubts whether a woman can commit rape; the reason is that a man has to be aroused sexually to be able to have sex with a woman. If a woman tells a man that he must have sex with her, it won’t work because the man will be so frightened and disorientated that he won’t really be able to do it. Under that circumstance, the man won’t be able to be in the proper physical mood to be able to have sex with the woman.

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Much ado about Alamieyeseigha’s pardon (2)

Afterall, an African adage of ancient progeny enjoins that when you hit a child with your right hand, you use the left to draw him/her nearer for comfort. In addition, modern inclination is no longer towards a ‘tit for tat’ or the proverbial ‘eye for an eye’ in criminal justice administration for which reason, for instance, the death penalty is fading away in many jurisdictions.

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