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DEREGULATION : Nigerians must fight, by Comrade Isa Aremu, NLC vice president

With professorial confidence, Isa Aremu, vice president, Nigeria Labour Congress, NLC, fielded questions from Sunday Vanguard at his Textile Labour House office on ACME road, Lagos. It was the day we have come to describe as black Wednesday in Lagos when a seven-hour downpour sacked the State – the rains rendered virtually all roads in Lagos impassable.

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Okiro:The $121m bank deals

My wife went to National Bank and the bank told her that she was not a signatory and they didn’t know her. I was surprised at how they opened an account with Hikiro Nigeria Limited without a document. While we were saying this, National Bank printed a quotation and my wife became stranded

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Nigeria heading towards a failed state, say Soyinka

In South Africa, the Apartheid government labeled Nelson Mandela terrorist, Jomo Keyata of Kenya was labeled a terrorist and these people became leaders of their countries. The important thing is this: The Federal Government had the opportunity to have resolved the problems of the oil producing areas, a long time ago, now it has led to loss of lives and property and more insecurity in Nigeria and that for me is what really matters.

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