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I pray we solve Nigeria’s problems without bloodshed — Senator Jibril Aminu

*Insists deregulation is the only way forward *Says Nigeria has invested heavily in education *‘Some people are still living with prejudices of the First Republic’ In this concluding part of the interview with Senator Jubril Aminu, some of his comments came across as scary. Sampler: Look at what happened in Lagos between the Oodua Peoples
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What Nigerians didn’t know about the Andy Uba case, by Olisa Agbakoba

You took it out of my mouth. Yes, I would like to believe that we committed a strategic error. At the time when I said we should go into politics, they said no. A lot of people said no because, for me, I thought that the work of pro-democracy activism was coming to an end; so when a lot of people ask why aren’t you as noisy as you used to be, I let them know that I do not just shout for shouting sake; I let them know that the political space has also closed down

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Clampdown on banks: God would not have forgiven me if we did not strike — Sanusi Lamido Sanusi

FOR those who know him, activism is his life. Whatever he does, he does with passion. He may not be tiny but describing him as being on the skinny side would be more appropriate – his shirt size would be 15 and a half. We are talking about Mallam Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN). Sanusi’s belief in the Nigerian state is unbelievable. He proved that much when he visited Vanguard’s corporate headquarters in Lagos last Thursday.

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My husband made me mad – Apostle Bimpe

Everybody was destined to play the role they played in my life for me to enter the glory of God. Maybe, if my brother had embraced me while he was a governor and I didn’t drop the way I dropped, maybe I wouldn’t have seen the plight of these people let alone affect their lives positively. But God permitted me to go down in the kind of life they lived so that I can be conscious of their feelings.

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