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Paul Orajiaka: Warri Boy who made $10million creating toys

We have achieved through our African theme dolls, more cultural awareness, national pride, unity amongst ethnic divides and school’s upliftment

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Balarabe Musa

No reason to expect peaceful change in Buhari’s second term — Balarabe Musa

Former Governor of the old Kaduna State, Alhaji Balarabe Musa is sad over the state of the nation, lamenting that there is nothing in place to protect the weak and the vulnerable. He also added that there is no reason to expect peaceful change during President Buhari’s second term because “killings, stolen money and power are the deciding factors in politics and elections.

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Nigeria’s #1 problem is faulty structure — Col. Itodo (retd)

Col. Dickson Ahaba Itodo (retd), is a retired colonel and a former Chief Pharmacist of the Nigerian Army who became a gospel preacher because according to him, Jesus Christ physically appeared to him and asked him to go round the world and preach the gospel. The Presiding Bishop of Liberty Square Ministries and Director of Liberty Square Academy in this chat with Vanguard, speaks on the Nigeria he grew up in, the mess the country has found itself in, the way forward, and declares that the Nigerian Government is capable of solving the security problem.

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