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Bad roads: Who’s to blame?

But I don’t understand human beings! How can the people doing business in this area not repair the road for their own comfort?If I say I no tire for them, I dey lie,” commented Christy, a commuter in the Mile-2 bound bus as the driver tried to avoid one pothole after another along the Ajangbadi – Ojo Alaba International Market road.

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Uninformed tale bearers

“Nigerians are experts in every sphere of life. Experts in politics, in football, athletics, medicine, pharmacy, geography, spiritual matters, just name it, they know it!” said Jude, a commuter in the Apapa-bound bus this Thursday evening as another commuter by name, Ade was busy lamenting the state of the nation. How corruption, greed, nepotism and impunity have taken over the nation.

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