By Ebele Orakpo
Continues from last week

“Obj is an attention seeker, no doubt. He wants us to know he is still alive and well. He has written letters to almost all the ex-leaders, not just Jonathan. He writes when he feels things are going wrong. So as the headmaster of this great school called Nigeria, he has to act,” noted Edith, adding: “And his dearest daughter has helped in no small way to draw that attention to him. Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones. He forgot what the Bible says in Romans 2:21 – “You tell others not to steal, do you steal?”
“Imagine what would have happened if someone had written that kind of letter to him while he was in power. I bet you, that person would not know what hit him,” said Charity.
“But I think she went too far. How could you talk about your father like that? It is unAfrican,” protested Mercy.
“But reading through that piece, I feel the poor girl was just pouring out her heart. She must have suffered a lot in the hands of the man and has reached the end of the tether. She could no longer hang in there, hence the outburst,” said Sam.
“You know what? I think what Obj is trying to do is to return power to the north since he could not control GEJ,” said Akan.
He continued: “When the north said it was their turn to produce the president after Obj’s tenure, he ensured that all the eligible contestants were dealt with one way or the other, by sending the EFCC after them. He then anointed the late Alh. Umaru Yar’Adua and GEJ to run. He knew Yar’Adua would not last long because of the pressures of office and his fragile health. Eventually, Yar’Adua died and GEJ, a southerner, took over. Now, he wants to raise so much dust so that GEJ will be impeached and his vice, a northerner will take over, thus returning power to the north. Can’t you see what is going on?”
“Obj is bad but GEJ gave him the opportunity to do what he is doing. If he was alive to his responsibilities, no one will pay attention to Obj and his letter. Look at what happened in Lagos towards the end of Fashola’s first term. Tinubu, the godfather, wanted him not to run for a second term because they had an agreement that he will run for only one term. Ordinary people marched to Lagos State House of Assembly in Alausa to say no to the madness because as far as they were concerned, Fashola was working and they saw it,” noted Charity.
What’s wrong with Nigerians and this issue of agreement to run for only one term when the constitution allows for two terms? asked Mercy.
“Falana said it all. GEJ is simply practising what Obj taught him,” said Sam.
“But seriously, GEJ should not take the allegations lying low. He’s been accused of raising snipers to eliminate over 1,000 opponents and so many other allegations, he should address them,” said Richard.
“The guy has no proof, na bad belle. He feels GEJ is outshining him, doing what he could not do in eight years.   If I were GEJ, I will start the fight against corruption with Obj,” said Akan.
“I don’t think any past leader in Nigeria can boldly probe others because their hands are not clean. He who comes into equity must come with clean hand,” noted Edith.
“He accused GEJ of not fighting insecurity, the guy is simply following his footsteps. When ex-Gov. Sani Yerima came up with Sharia laws in Katsina State and people were being killed, what did he do? He played the ostrich, arguing that it will fizzle away. GEJ even tried by deploying soldiers to fight the Boko Haram insurgents. What I see is that God is fighting our battle. Let them fight themselves so that we will know the truth,” she concluded.

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