By Ebele Orakpo

“Aha, this is more like it! I like this photo of GEJ. For once, let him be serious, no smiling,” said a commuter, by name Akan, in the Oshodi-bound bus as he displayed a photo of President Jonathan in a national daily for all to see.

obj-jona-faceoff“Water don pass garri nah! The allegations by Obj are weighty so the almost permanent smile has to disappear,” said Charity.
“Our leaders are taking us for granted. They see us as a bunch of nonentities so they can do whatever they like and get away with it because we are so passive,” stated Chris.

“But what is Obasanjo’s problem? Is he the only ex-president in Nigeria?” asked George. “Everyone else is a criminal, weak, incompetent, except him. How conceited can one get?”

Replied Akan: “He is Nigeria’s messiah, period! He alone knows the problems of Nigeria and how to solve them. He thinks he loves Nigeria more than the rest of us.”

“I think it’s the case of a relationship gone sour. After all, GEJ was his anointed son. He thought he would be very easy to control, you know, pliable and malleable. Unfortunately, the man with the quiet mien has become his greatest nightmare,” noted Charity.

“What are you guys talking about? Why can’t we for once be objective and put sentiments aside? Are the issues Obj raised true or false? They should be addressed by those concerned,” said Ben.  Continuing he said: “Like him or hate him; there is no doubt he loves Nigeria passionately and will do anything to keep it together.”

“Oh sure! Like the third term bid and all the Ghana-Must-Go that changed hands?” asked Chris tongue-in-cheek.  “I think the onus is on the accuser to prove his allegations and stop beating about the bush.”

Stated Edith: “In all honesty, I don’t think Obj has the moral right to point accusing fingers at GEJ. After all, he did same if not worse things. Kettle calling the pot black. Don’t forget he was president and petroleum minister throughout his tenure. Did he account for all the money? Please give me a break! For sure, no leader ever gets it right as far as Saint Obasanjo is concerned.”

Replied Ben: “Whether he has the moral right or not is immaterial here. It takes courage for a morally bankrupt person to condemn immorality. So we should be praising Obj instead of upbraiding him. Take the message and leave the messenger.”
Said George:  “We should all shine our eyes oo. I can smell a rat in all these.

First it was Tambuwal, then Lamido and now Obj, all attacking the GEJ administration. Lamido said he reported the case of a $250 million bribe to the president and he did nothing. Is Jonathan the EFCC? If you have such evidence or knowledge, go to EFCC. I wouldn’t be surprised if the military stages a comeback. Let’s all watch and see.”

“God forbid! Military regime as in Abacha days? That will spell doom for Nigeria and these politicians who do not want to get their act together, they will all end behind bars for good,” said Charity.

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