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BLOODY JANUARY: How 500 Nigerians were killed in 27 days

By Clifford Ndujihe ON December 31 of every year, many people troop to religious and prayer houses where they thank God for the ending year and supplicate for better tidings – good health, long life, prosperity and other favours in the new year. Many people outline a litany of lofty goals they want to actualise
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THERE are strong indications that the crisis and division in Nigerian labour movement in the wake of Nigeria Labour Congress, NLC, delegates’ conference of March 2015, may come to an end today (Thursday) and a united NLC announced.

Issues labour leaders will not forget in 2016

The outcome of the failed strike showed that labour leaders did not understand the socio-economic realities in the country where workers find it difficult to meet their daily needs. Issues of unpaid salary and pension had been on the front burner for months while the affected workers in both private and public sectors were left to their fate.

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Major events in 2016

Nigeria’s political year in 2016 started with a Presidential address on January 1, when President Muhammadu Buhari, in the spirit of his campaign promises, assured Nigerians of the commitment of his government to alleviate the problems confronting the nation on various fronts.

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Why the 1967 Asaba genocide must be resolved before other national security issues – Okocha

It is most welcome and good for the development of the nation. The issues of the Niger Delta militancy, the Boko Haram insurgency and the Biafra agitations, the federal government should talk to them and I am very happy. We are only left with the characters of the negotiators of the Niger Delta issue. I see my leader Chief Edwin Clark leading the people of the Niger Delta. I do not see the Anioma people been represented. Even though some of them might be there, what do they have as part of the package?

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