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How my fashion label put smiles on faces of women with cancer – Jane Ole

Jane Ole is a woman of many ‘faces’. And for those who know her worth, Elizabeth Waldorf is a designing label capable of leaving you breathless. Aside that, her label has made it a point of duty to put smiles on faces of cancer patients through yearly gifts. For this young and talented lady who dumped her juicy bank job for a call to humanity, she is worth celebrating.

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We can reduce the scourge of childhood cancer – Dr. Nneka Nwobi

For most people, it is not only strange to hear, but pathetic to know that children, even as young as a month-old, could be afflicted with cancer – the world’s most dreaded disease. Unfortunately, this is a sad reality of what some children have to contend with at a very young age. Children Living with Cancer Foundation (CLWCF), is one of the few non-governmental organisations in Nigeria pioneering the fight against childhood cancer. Dr. Nneka Nwobi , the President of the Foundation talks about her long walk with children living with cancer, her experience in the battle against cancer, her frustrations and pains when a child dies of cancer, the future plans of the Foundation and other sundry issues with Esther Onyegbula.

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