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Buhari, Former heads of state, Obasanjo, Gowon, Abubakar and others during the Council of State's meeting

Council of State? What is that?

On Wednesday the Nigerian Council of State met in Abuja, and took far-reaching decisions including, as the Vanguard reported, endorsing a proposal to fund agricultural production and supporting herdsmen with $1 billion in government funds. I do not think it has the power under the constitution to do this, because this sounds to me like the function already assigned to the National Assembly.

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Again, The “Samanja” Governor In Imo

Mr. Anayo Okorocha’s activities in Imo State makes the saying that “elections have consequences” very true and immediate. Elections do indeed have consequence; and the election of the man called Rochas as governor of Imo State, who sold the snake oil of “philanthropy” to Imo people as his most significant quality, has come with great consequence to that state.

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Vox populi, and the auguries of 2018

Vox Populi, Vox Dei” – this Latin, for the English statement, “the voice of the people is the voice of God,” has become so true, that it is now almost a cliché. The imperative of it is the signal spirit of the democratic idea, and the whole revolutionary notion that upended Feudalism and the Monarchy, and their primitive sense or idea of a “ruling class.”

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To the Nigerian youth

The 2019 elections are only less than about two years away, and the subtle, subterranean moves are already quietly playing out, as parties begin to reorganize and ready themselves for a play at the power to govern this republic. Two fundamental and really vital factors are missing in these developments: it is the youth factor, and the factor of the left.

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