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Lest we forget, 2014 in review

Last week, we started a series, which we hope to sustain in the remaining part of this year — attempting to remind ourselves of some salient issues raised during the year, which we consider important enough not to be swept under the carpet. Given the frailty of the human mind, there is the constant need to follow up on our actions, lest we forget.

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Automatic ticket to disaster

At first, the title of this piece was to be “Follow-up Action: 2014 in Review”, in obvious acknowledgement of the fact that we are terribly defective in follow-up actions. An issue would arise, and no matter how threatening it is, we would entertain ourselves pleasantly with it and allow it to be swept under the carpet.

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Hijack of African democracy by mediocres

There was a Continent, the Dark Continent, so-called. The continent had leaders who were accepted at home and respected across the world. At the mention of such names as Nnamdi Azikiwe, Obafemi Awolowo, Aminu Kano, Kwame Nkrumah, people knew them and what they stood for. Long after the death of the first Prime Minister of Zaire, Patrice Lumumba, from that distance, young Nigerians were still proudly identifying with his name.

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NFF as a metaphor for Nigeria

In Nigeria today, the 90 minutes of legal violence, which they call the game of football has come to dominate all other revenue-yielding sports. That’s Nigeria for you. The moment we discovered football, every other sporting endeavour was relegated to the background.

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Strains on government-owned media

The importance of the press cannot be overemphasized. There is hardly any aspect of human endeavour that is today not covered by the activities of the press – from the maternity ward to the mortuary; from agriculture to zoning; and, indeed, in every sphere of life, we see traces of the press.

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Sitting on a keg of gunpowder

THE Christian in Nigeria is constantly faced with a serious dilemma: He must confess positive all the time, because in the church’s belief of the self-fulfilling prophesy, the power of the tongue is very strong. At the same time, he is enjoined to remain truthful, even at the edge of doom.

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Gun-running, money laundering, smuggling?

THE issue of how much disclosure is healthy for the citizenry has been a matter for public debate. For instance, if, in a war situation, the President of a nation suddenly became blind and unable to manage the affairs of state, would it be better to make this known to the public; or his lieutenants should shield him from public view and carefully carry on his responsibilities as if nothing has happened?

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