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Fr. Mbaka

Mbaka vs.The Jonathans: N5 million in an offering bag?

CLEARLY, the Mbaka episode is multi-dimensional and it is getting messier by the day. It has reached a point where President Goodluck Jonathan and his wife cannot remain mute for too long, lest they will continue to be misunderstood. The theatricals are still unfolding.
Act I: Scene I – Dame Patience Jonathan visits the Catholic Adoration Centre in Enugu, a church headed by Revd Father Ejike Mbaka. Madam is pleasantly received and Father Mbaka eulogises her husband to the high heavens. So impressed was Dame that she dropped N5 million in the offering bag. And this was marvelous in the sight of Mbaka.

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Oregbeni: Where the young have grown

AFTER the very successful carnival organized by the Resident Youth Association, RYA, Oregbeni Housing Estate, Benin City, at which this writer was a Guest Speaker, it has become clear that the good life begins from the grassroots. The Oregbeni Community is situated at Ikpoba Hill on the Eastern flank of Benin City. A community that was once at the outskirts of Benin City in the Greater Oredo Municipality is today at the centre of Ikpoba-Okha Local Government Area. The very interesting history of this community shall be left for another day.

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The leadership we want

AT yuletide, it is not uncommon to hear people proclaim that Christ is the reason for the season. This expression presupposes that our leaders must strive to be Christ-like in their leadership styles. They must emulate Christ in their actions and utterances.

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Selfish undertakings and useless oaths

ON entry into new offices, government officials take various oaths. Quite often these oaths are respected only in the breach. This past week, the All Progressives Congress, APC, added yet another new dimension to the abuse of the undertaking and oaths processes when the presidential aspirants were required to sign undertakings that if they lost at the primaries, they would not defect to another party. Not only does this typify the medicine after death syndrome, it also attempts to kill the patient beyond death.

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Impunity of a cop: Our fears for 2015

THE average Nigerian journalist is today torn between the need to obey the biblical injunction of confessing positive at all time, particularly in the face of the perceived power of the tongue, coupled with the need to engage in image-laundering on matters concerning his nation on the one hand; and the general atmosphere of deceit around him on the other, that determining the real truth becomes a Herculean task.

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Signs and sounds of the new year

WITH time, we got to know that the dates for the Christmas and New Year were fixed for 25 December and 01 January respectively. The New Year’s Day, which is the first day of the year in this part of the world, is one of the oldest and most universally observed festivals. The New Year has often been welcomed with rites and ceremonies that express love and lots of jubilation over life’s renewal. Recorded history has it that New Year festivals have been celebrated for more than 5,000 years.

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Mama Alice Mosheri Omorotionmwan: Tribute to a mother in a million

Let us return to the countryside. Some Nigerian historians could work a bit harder. This is not intended to be a challenge but a statement of truth. They roam the streets of our cities endlessly in search of history; whereas with each passing day, our rural population is replete with history only waiting to be recorded. We look forward to such a time when students of history in our tertiary institutions would be required to do project works on their villages instead of the British Commonwealth or some abstract faraway places.

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