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So sad

My dear friends, Nasir and Hadiza El-Rufai, have lost two children in three years. First (in 2011), their beautiful daughter, Yasmin, passed away after suffering a seizure in the bathroom of her residence in London, where she was studying. Then (last month), their darling son, Hamza, died in a car accident in Abuja.

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Senator Anietie Okon – pioneer National Publicity Secretary of the Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP), Vice-Chairman of Arik Air and a National Conference delegate – is a very distinguished Nigerian. So when he takes the trouble to make a point, I listen carefully and take him very seriously indeed.

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Ingratitude and treachery

The UK is currently awash with depressing stories about British Muslim youngsters who have stupidly abandoned their studies, jobs and families to covertly travel to the other side of the world, so they can assist Islamic terrorists who claim to be waging “holy” wars in Syria, Iraq, etc.

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Tribute to a titan

I was absolutely devastated when I heard, at the beginning of this week, that my former boss, Dr Rilwanu Lukman, had died in Vienna, following a prolonged period of ill health. And my profound sorrow about the passing of this globally revered Nigerian is combined with a deep sense of guilt.

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Last week, I said on this page that Boko Haram’s murderous sprees and heartless kidnappings have made Northern Muslims look bad and have strengthened President Jonathan’s chances of being re-elected next year.

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A gentleman bows out

LAST week, the day before the Ekiti State gubernatorial election, I told you that I had known Dr Kayode Fayemi, the then Governor, since we were both youngsters and that I held him and his wife, Erelu Bisi, in the highest esteem.

I urged Ekiti indigenes to vote for Fayemi because I felt that he had done a good job under difficult circumstances and was convinced that he had what it took to carry the people he had diligently and honestly served for nearly four years to the next level and fulfil their socio-economic development dreams.

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The peoples’ governor

As Ekiti State indigenes prepare themselves to vote in the upcoming gubernatorial election – which will take place tomorrow – I feel moved to reflect on the character of the incumbent Governor, Dr Kayode Fayemi, whom I’ve known since we were both young students and workers in London.

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