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Ripples and ripples of responses

There is always so much to write on these days. The National Assembly in particular has been in the news for all of the wrong reasons, at least from the perspective of the common man. Of recent it was on the reordering of elections and the ill-advised intervention of INEC and some Man Fridays from the executive trying hard to bar the legislature from the reordering which is clearly the constitutional responsibility of the NASS.

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Of Hisbah, state Police and the trouble with “supermen” in power

Contributing, one of the members announced he had passed the report and film clip to the Kano Hisbah Board for necessary action. Though he was quick to add, it wasn’t because the “evil” was perpetrated in Kano, because he had doubts that such evil would be perpetrated in my beloved state of Kano. He is from Zaria, even if he first went to university in the very late ’70s in Kano before returning to complete his university education and graduate back in Zaria, his home town.

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Gideon Orkar’s madness: Another April anniversary(1)

April is no doubt a very eventful month. It is the month that we had two significant anniversaries in Kano — that of Late Governor Muhammadu Abubakar Rimi and his PRP political leader, Late Malam Aminu Kano on the 4th and 17th of April respectively. Malam Aminu’s death was 35 years back, in 1983 while Rimi’s, they both bear repeating, was only eight years ago, in 2010.

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