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Reordered 2019 election sequence: Politicians to answer own names on election day

By Kabiru Muhammad Gwangwazo

The National Assembly (NASS) reordering of elections is all over the news. So too the ill advised intervention of INEC trying without much success to bar the Legislature from performing its constitutional responsibility.

Prof. Mahmood Yakubu, Chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC)

Of the three arms of Government, the NASS is The Lawmaker. INEC is only a Law Executor as errand boy of The Law Executor, the Executive. As elections edge closer, it won’t want to be a Lawbreaker. And there are quite a hand full of other Law Breakers on the side of the executive, already tainting that Arm’s image not caring that the voter’s decision is just around the corner. If INEC isn’t happy with the NASS legally valid reordering, if it thinks it has locus standi, as the lawyers say, it should take it up with The Law Interpreter, the Judiciary.

You can’t do The Law on the pages of newspapers or radio and TV. For the Change GMB APC the reordered elections singling out each of the tiers and levels of political power for individual attention of the voter is the best thing that has happened to Nigerian Democracy in recent times. Especially for those of us from the North where the GMB appeal has regularly been used and serially abused by opportunist politicians since 2003. The SAK bandwagon has done more harm than good to politics and more importantly governance, good governance in the North.

The 2019 voters GMB must have: Core North Buharists, plus Tinubu & Team:

With the reordered elections pattern the President is now not beholden to any Governor, not even to his party. It is clear with this, all he needs are politicians of his core votes bank, the traditional GMB supporters upnorth, and od course Tinubu and his team to make up for any shortfalls likely from the North, particularly the Christian middle belt that has been effectively hacked away by the wicked use of terror and propaganda these past year.

SAK & 2019; Politicians on their own:

The 2019 elections will sure be, “Kai da Halin ka”. That is to say you are on your own, or words to that effect. For the mess made of the APC Change mantra, all Governors and politicians need GMB that is why they orchestrate the lie that the reordering is targeted at him so he intervenes and they ride back to office on his SAK bandwagon. Even when they have destroyed any semblance of participatory democracy in their states. Apart from Bukola Saraki and a scant few, no Senator or House of Reps member is sure of a ticket on the APC on his own steam without his Governor’s say so.

As such the reordered 2019 election sequence will liberalize the democratic space such that where the APC Governors who have the party under their thumb deny them a ticket they can pick any and work the electorate to return to Abuja. The same thing will happen where the Governors continue their hardheaded “kaci, ba kaci ba, kaci” nomination of candidates, for all levels of elections. Note the LG elections by conscienceless State Election Commissions not one bit ashamed of the “Independent” tag on them. The latest of February 10th, in Kano was a mockery of we haven’t seen in 40 years of politics. This travesty of “democracy” our “elected” civilian administrations claim and worse the “independence” their electoral agencies so shamelessly rub in our faces is so galling particularly for the Kano of Malam Aminu Kano and Muhammadu Abubakar Rimi.

That 5 million votes ‘dash’ for GMB

Someone fed my APC Governor funny figures that over 2.6 million votes were cast. Those preparing his LG elections victory speech went a step further and had him say, he will “dash” our GMB five million votes, leaving Kano and Kanawa the butt of mean jokes. This “dashed” some wicked ignorants the opportunity of having a field day on the social media with photos of under aged street urchins allegedly voting at the no-show Kano LG election.

True or false, we again get reports of the same Kano APC authorities claim those photos were of the 2015 election. This can’t be from the Kano Government. Its enemies must have planted this as well as the tale and photos of the underaged voters. And all at a time of the worst voter apathy in Kano ever. All comprehensively reported by all of Kano’s radio stations as the “elections” were supposedly on, where the “elections” took place, if at all. All these justifies the reordering of elections by the NASS, and they are no doubt in their right to do so. Everyone will now have to answer his father’s name on election day.

elRufai and his troubles

Our chat here some weeks ago, raised an alarm on the fate of APC in Kaduna after the elRufai’s sack of teachers got many responses. One actually suggested I was a “goat” for worrying about 200,00 votes that our party, APC could lose if nothing was done in good enough time. I referred to the Governor’s Shia troubles, and the chiefs especially of Southern Zaria, his friend Senator Hunkuyi and Senator Shehu Sani.

One MUSA DANTSOHO thought I was of the ‘Akida (ideology) APC’. I may be accused of being of ‘akida’ politics, but am not of Kaduna.

He says: “Gwangwazo, you just have to wait and see how far your ‘Akida APC’ will reach in 2019. Do you think El-Rufai, as Governor would merely watch this bunch of opportunists in Garba Sani (meaning Senator Shehu Sani, I suppose) & co., destroy his political career?

“Out of political stupidity of the likes of Sani, they let others make fun of educational system in Kaduna State and by extension, the North in general. After all, none of these critics have their children in Kaduna State public schools”.

But then the facts at issue over the 2019 elections can’t be disputed. The votes are at issue. What is more as nothing has been done to ameliorate the pitfalls for the Kaduna APC ahead of 2019 yet, elRufai has taken impunity to another level. The PDP in him keeps coming back as he demolished a political opponent’s house at 4am. Wonder of wonders! So  government works so well even at night? The excuse for demolishing the property (for overriding public interest!) was over unpaid land rates. The real reason is it is used as the factional headquartasked hag had the “democratic” audacity to suspend the Governor from APC. And yet, the focus should be on the votes in 2019.

Asiwaju Tinubu as GMB’s secret weapon Thank God, GMB is as focused on those votes as we are. Springing Asiwaju Tinubu on APC as his 2019 secret weapon after all the turmoil in the party shows he is conscious of the votes. On those votes, in Kano the fact at issue is beyond the Ganduje and Kwankwaso brothers rivalry, very important as it is. Every four-year election cycle Kano has delivered an added 200,000 votes since 2003. It wasn’t any different in Kwankwaso and Ganduje’s 2015 turn. These votes clearly need to be properly husbanded. The first State Visit GMB paid late last year confirmed that there may be apathy of unimagined proportions if things continued the way they are in Kano, as in many states of GMB sure bankers. And the Kano LG elections validated these fears if any validation was required.

Tinubu, Kwankwaso and   Kano Buharists, now and in


With the justifiable fear of diminishing votes especially from the middle belt there would be little reason to insist on assuaging the Christian content of the North which is why Tinubu wasn’t on the GMB 2015 ticket. He should be on in 2019 as the South west doesnt vote along religious lines. Also as part of reconciliation Kano should have more Buharists in the Central and State Government and on the frontline of 2019 elections. Up there, Kwankwaso needs to be part of the Government now, and upfront in the GMB 2019 campaign, such that he is at the core of Government to await 2023.




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