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Ripples with Kabiru Muhammed Gwangwazo

Kwankwaso’s 2019 Kano choices: Threats, lessons for other parties?

Loyalty is two-way; followers obey and toil for the cause; the Leader reciprocates, protects and rewards his subjects, believers and acolytes.

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Return of PRP as Third Force?

Like King said, where do we all stand today? In 2015 when BH was our problem, when it was not safe to walk the streets. At a time that it was not safe to go to our mosques even in the City Center of Kano at Sarkin Kano’s Palace we all stood for Change. In 1999, after decades of overbearing military rule and the despotism of its absolutist rule had all but suffocated Nigeria we all rallied for elective democracy. We were all forced to accept the contrivance of power shift to Yorubaland for the deliberate personal mistakes of the military lords of the day.

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Notes on Northern, other elders national summit: Good journalism, neighbourliness matter

On reading the write-up, “Why Good Journalism Truly Matters” by Adewale Kupoluyi, I found a window for RIPPLES to take a peek into a most vexatious issue that has been causing all the tensions in the land over the past decades we have been at war with each other for no identifiable and just reason. Kupoluyi said’ “the media, democracy and development are tripartite partners that could drive any modern society”. Note the word “could” and look at how the tripartite partners are out of sync with each other in our country.

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Who are the morons of Nigeria? Certainly not Yorubas, Igbos, or Christians!

Our beloved VANGUARD Newspapers has an Igbo man as Editorial Board Chairman. He is Mr. Nnanna Ochereome, a celebrated journalist and column writer who recently ruffled Yoruba feathers. I understand he was said to have referred to Yorubas as “sophisticated morons” who allow themselves to be taken for a ride. This was in reference to GMB’s political maneouvre of “honours” for MKO Abiola and his declaration of June 12 as Democracy Day.

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