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Ripples and ripples of responses

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By Kabiru Muhammad Gwangwazo

There is always so much to write on these days. The National Assembly in particular has been in the news for all of the wrong reasons, at least from the perspective of the common man. Of recent it was on the reordering of elections and the ill-advised intervention of INEC and some Man Fridays from the executive trying hard to bar the legislature from the reordering which is clearly the constitutional responsibility of the NASS.

Prof. Mahmood Yakubu, Chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC)

On Wednesday we saw a continuation of the muscle-flexing between the IG of Police on the side of the Executive and the National Assembly, a pattern consistent with the cat-and-mouse relations between the NASS led by Senate President Bukola Saraki and the Executive led by General Buhari. That was what I wanted to write and RIPPLE about this morning. But aping the “lazy youth,” I decided on a “lazy senior youth” approach. I rummaged through the tons of responses to RIPPLES these past few months we have been at it here.

Hope we find something of interest in some of the responses to RIPPLES.. Some nice, some not so nice.. But all the same all pleasing, very pleasing…

The earliest response to the RIPPLES Column  is from Chief Guy Ike Ikokwu.

His was one of the very pleasing and of course very nice comments. It emboldened me to make sure I don’t miss the Thursday deadline for the column, even if atimes late, to the terrible and unwarranted discomfort of my handler, Vanguard Deputy Editor, Adekunle Adekoya and of course the big boss, Editor Eze Anaba who was my first handler when I started out. He said: “The man of ‘RIPPLES’ which we had enthusiastically read in The Triumph as a focused young man in Kano under the tutelage of Abubakar Rimi with whom I was associated from Lagos to Kano. Please keep your RIPPLES up so that those who were not at the spot it was dropped into our waters all over Nigeria will certainly be affected when it comes very close to them in the waters of change.

“The mind is a gift to humanity which transcends all idiocy, bigotry and well-crafted deceit which has been parading our country Nigeria for half a century. The attitudinal change is a binding force for a greater restructured and re-engineered polity.

“Nigeria nationhood will surely transcend all human barriers because it is immutable.

“We should be told regardless of gender or ethnicity that our well being and future as the dearest location of the black race certainly lies in transformative education, morality and high technology otherwise we shall sink into the unavoidable doldrums of decadence ignominy, insincerity, bewilderness, depravity and forgetfulness. Only by hard work and discipline can we all and our children rise above such a horrendous future.

“Please keep it up and victory shall belong to our children no matter where they sojourn within or outside Nigeria”.

Another response, this time right on the web pages of VANGUARD on 17th November last year, 2017. It was by ABBA SALISU, who “works at Self-Employed”. It followed the RIPPLES on Governor Nasir el-Rufai and his sack of some 20,000 teachers. RIPPLES that Friday was on implications for the politics of APC, Nasir el-Rufai and even our beloved GMB, the President dragged into the fray by the wily Governor of Kaduna State. ABBA SALISU was of the view that the outing then, was : “Very thoughtful and (an) insightfull piece“. He added a Hausa saying: “Amma ga Zaki baya Siyaki” as the Hausas will say. Please provide likely solutions”, he concluded.

Another comment, that was surely not so nice, was From DADDY PEACE. According to him it didn’t matter if GMB would lose 20,000 votes of the teachers sacked. And that clearly ignored those other dependents they have, and the extended cycle of influence they have. DADDY PEACE at his abusive best said: “This Mohammed Gwagwanzo (Kabiru Muhammad GWANGWAZO, not Mohammed Gwagwanzo) is simply a goat. I know you will obviously come to the comments section to see someone’s reaction.

“Just take a look at your analysis, even, you started with outright lies because Buhari made it clear that he supports El-Rufai on his move, go back to that article, I won’t paste any link here.

“How could you be tacitly telling El-Rufai not to sack those incompetent things just because of the 200,000 votes Buhari will get for his second term ambition?

“You northerners are the most wicked things made by God, the future of your young ones do not bother you as long as a failed Buhari is re-elected to continue your Barunization of our NNPC?

“You should be ashamed of yourself by now that you found that everyone here is not an almajiri like Sani.” (which of the Sanis, I have no idea? Sani, Yarima of Zamfara or Sani Shehu, the Comrade of Kaduna. Both are Senators).

Another comment on the RIPPLES on el-Rufai and school teachers. It was from MUSA DANTSOHO. The comment suggests that the writer is partisan, and that the Akida APC faction opposed to el-Rufai, who were his pals at take-off of the party are of no relevance in the politics of Kaduna APC. It seems they are after all of some relevance considering how the el-Rufai LG elections, even with the use of the untested electronic voting machine was a clear referendum speaking to 2019 when the electoral umpire will be national INEC, not Kaduna INEC.

Commenting on the piece Dantsoho said: “Gwangwazo, you just have to wait and see how far your ‘Akida APC’ will reach in 2019. Do you think El-Rufai, as Governor would merely watch this bunch of opportunists in Garba Sani & co. destroy his political career?

“Out of political stupidity of the likes of Sani, they let others make fun of (the) educational system in Kaduna State and by extension, the North in general. After all, none of these critics have their children in Kaduna State public schools”.

Another comment on the RIPPLES column, I picked was from one BIG DADDY: “I am a Buharist but Mallam Muhammed, I must tell you my support is seriously wavering because he has not lived up to my expectations. His score card is generally a fail at the moment. The little achievements he has scored are nothing to write home about.

“Please do not try to shift blame from Buhari to the PDP. You are just making silly excuses for the General. The simple fact is GMB was not that no-nonsense General of 1983 we all thought he was. In fact, I make bold to claim that all those tough measures of 1983 that started to instill discipline and the anti corruption stance was largely the brain child of General Idiagbon (how I wish he were alive and President) instead of Buhari who I am beginning to believe is actually a weakling. Drop the PDP excuse please ASAP. Are they remotely controlling his brain or what?

“He still has a small window to earn our confidence back. Tell him if you have access to him that he is losing many of his supporters like me who devoted money and time to his campaign because of his lethargy, ineptitude and lack of decisiveness”.

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