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Erdogan, Turkey, Syria

Don’t mind Erdogan the gambler

By Owei Lakemfa TURKEY under President  Recep Tayyip Erdogan has two boiling pots on the same fire. It is fighting a war against Syria, having invaded that country since October 9, 2019. Like a parasitic virus, it was an opportunistic invasion; moving in to replace the departing American forces. It assumed that after fighting repeated
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Hospital shuts down 3 wards as 4 doctors test positive to COVID-19

When Coronavirus arrived in Lagos

By Owei Lakemfa THE Coronavirus, Covid-19  borne by an Italian flying on the wings of the Turkish Airlines, slipped undetected into Lagos on  February 24. The carrier went through the airport process, spent the night at a hotel in Ikeja, travelled to Ogun State and settled down to work, with nobody being wiser. He took
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