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I GREW up in Obalende, one of the tough neigbourhoods on Lagos Island where the struggle for survival was a daily challenge. There was a tall, handsome boy who was older. He was the architect of a lot of schemes which got boys into trouble. But somehow, he was never caught. So he escaped punishment. As he grew into full teenagehood and expanded his territory of operation to other areas like Ikoyi and Lafiaji, he, to the best of my knowledge, escaped arrest unlike many of his collaborators. I no longer recall his name, because he became better known by his nickname, Escape.

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May we not fetch water in a basket

HONOURABLE Oladipo Olatunde Adebutu, 57, is a wealthy Nigerian. He seems to have everything going well for him. He was elected into the National Assembly  in 1992, at 30. A Commissioner in Ogun State from 2007 and currently a member of the National Assembly from which he is aspiring to become the Executive Governor of Ogun State. His chances seem quite bright given the fractious state of the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC.

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The Truth as a Lie

By Owei Lakemfa I WAS at a friend’s place in Lagos in December. As I arrived, I overheard him having a discussion with a mutual friend. As I entered, he turned to me and asked: “Owei, what is the difference  between the truth and what is factual. I replied off hand: “The truth can be subjective,
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Africa’s stunning victory against the International Criminal Court

AFRICA this Tuesday, January 15, scored a stunning victory at the Hague against the International Criminal Court, ICC,  a contraption  of the West to maintain a neo-colonial strangle hold on the continent. On that day, the ICC like hot potatoes, dropped the contrived charges against Lauren Gbagbo, the anti-imperialist politician and immediate past President of  Cote d’Voire, and ordered his immediate release.

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Army, Mohammed Ali, Boko Haram

A Daily Trust in the Media, not the Army

AS a former newspaper Editor, I would not have published the Daily Trust lead story of January 6, 2019 titled: Military prepares massive operation to retake Baga, others, which led to the newspaper’s invasion by armed soldiers. My editorial judgement would not have been based on the army’s fairy tale that the story violated national security, but because it was primarily, a rehash of information that was already in the public space. I would have asked the reporter to provide fresh information or a new angle to the story.

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How US, Europe, Israel and Gulf States nurtured ISIS

THE United States (US) like a country under bombardment, scrambled its National Security Adviser, John Bolton and Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo into the air. Their flights are taking them through the Middle East primarily to reassure their allies that they are still committed to the fight against the Islamic State, ISIS, a Frankenstein monster they collectively reared and nurtured.

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Nigeria lost Fasehun before he died

THEY were not advised visits. But the Pro-Democracy Movement had become badly depleted. The Abacha regime had forced quiet a number of activists underground. Some, like our leader, Dr. Beko Ransome-Kuti and Shehu Sani had been given life jail sentences, Ken Saro-Wiwa had been executed with eight other Minority campaigners, some activists had fled into exile and a number were in detention without trial

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