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After UN win, Nigeria should return to work

THE government of President Muhammadu Buhari could hardly contain its excitement. Professor Tijjani Muhammad-Bande, the country’s permanent representative to the United Nations was going to be elected the President of the United Nations General Assembly, UNGA. It appeared a major diplomatic achievement. Like a groom stretching its neck to find out when the bride would step into the registry, the government  strained its neck to look into the UNGA.

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Thank God, May 29 is no longer Democracy Day

GOVERNOR Mohammed Abubakar of Bauchi State is a learned lawyer. He meant well for the state. One of the most laudable steps he took was signing into law the bill establishing the Public Property and Funds Recovery Tribunal 2017 aimed at recovering all stolen public assets and funds. The Tribunal has the mandate to recover state assets, including properties and monies stolen by past government officials, civil servants, companies, individuals and also prosecute looters.

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Dressing Iran for barbecue

IT was Sunday, May 12 near the port of Fujairah, in the Gulf of Oman, United Arab Emirate, UAE, when four commercial ships were bombed. Two of them, Amjad and Al Marzoqah are tankers owned by Saudi Arabia, the third, A. Michel, an UAE flagged fuel bunker barge and the fourth, a Norwegian tanker, the Andrea Victory.

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Nigerian leaders sowed the wind

IN my first year at the University of Ife (now OAU) a ‘National Sailing’ by a secret confraternity was scheduled for the campus. On the eve, the local branch held a procession at midnight. The procession stopped an ambulance conveying a student to the hospital asking it to switch off its lights. Tragically, the student later died.  A mourning student populace was enraged when news filtered that the confraternity had stopped the ambulance, even though it was for a few seconds.

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Democracy or repression as the next level

FOUR years ago, the Nigerian  social media had two major groups. ‘The Wailers’, so called because they were said to be wailing the loss of the ruling Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, in the general elections. The other group was called the ‘Hailers’ because members hailed all that was good, bad and ugly in the new ruling All Progressives Congress, APC.

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May Day. Labour

Poor workers, weary unions in May Day lamentations

THE world is getting richer and the poor, poorer. This was a major lamentation in May Day commemoration in many countries as workers marched across the globe egged on mainly by old, weary trade unions, many in need of rebirth. One of the most combustible places this May Day was Argentina where massive protests, some quite violent, blew out on the eve. The people said enough is enough, and took matters into their hands.

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