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Genocide by any other name

TURKEY, one of America’sstaunchest allies in the Islamic world is furious. Its anger is turned against the United States for a vote on March 4, 2010 by the House, Foreign Affairs Committee which characterised the wholesale massacre of Armenian minorities as a “genocide”.

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Like a thief in the night

PRESIDENT Umaru Yar’Adua after a 93-day absence was brought commando style into the country last Wednesday under the cover of darkness. The Commander-in-Chief tactically evaded the six-man Federal Government delegation sent to his erstwhile Saudi Arabia base; as the delegation arrived, he took off for Nigeria. The hapless delegation was forced to return home in pursuit of their sick leader.

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Wrong steps

ACTING President Goodluck Jonathan on Tuesday February 16, made his debut on the international stage. It was at the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) Heads of State Summit which had been on hold due to President Umaru Yar’Adua’s poor health. It was a befitting one for him as 10 of the 13 expected ECOWAS leaders showed up and the rest were represented.

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Algeria : Lost in its history

I SPRINTED into a shop in Algiers. The weather was very cold. Although it was not raining, people were getting wet. Even in the streets, here and there, you found pools of water. I was fully kitted wearing layers of shirts, a sweater and two trousers. Surprisingly, there were youths with just T-shirts and jackets, some with their trousers not around their waists but their buttocks. This clearly was the American gangster influence.

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The day the world changed

Twenty years after these earth-shaking events, Mandela’s profile continues to grow. This year, the United Nations set aside his birthday to be commemorated eternally. In venerating Mandela, the world is also honouring the heroes of the anti-apartheid struggle particularly those who did not live to see freedom day such as Robert Sobukwe, Ruth First, Solomon Mahlangu, Bram Fischer and the children of Soweto whose blood watered the tree of freedom.

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Do you trust Sirleaf ?

One of the main problems of Africa is leadership powered by visionless, self-glorifying, egoistic, power-conscious, unprincipled, mostly greedy, corrupt and vain political elites. But for people like Nelson Mandela who shun power and refused a second constitutional term which was his just for the asking, most people could have argued that this is a genetic African trait.

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