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Ilich Ramirez Sanchez , also known as Carlos the Jackal

Carlos: For the Palestinian cause, he remains in jail

THE 69-year-old Venezuelan internationalist, Ilich Ramirez Sanchez, rechristened ‘Carlos the Jackal’ by the media, was in the French courts last week to challenge his conviction for life. The case he appealed against was a 1974 one  in which a grenade tossed in Paris’s Saint-Germain-des-Pres, (Champs Elysee Avenue) killed  two persons at the Drugstore Publicis while 36 were injured. His  conviction on this charge, is lacking in hard evidence including fingerprints and DNA. Rather, it is  driven more by circumstantial evidence and supposition.

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Rex Tillerson came to Africa, saw and was fired

REX Wayne Tillerson  visited Africa this week; it was not just a jinxed visit, but also his first and last as the American Secretary of State. He had proclaimed: “The purpose of my trip is to listen to what the priorities of the countries here on the continent are and see where there is good alignment.” In reality, he did most of the talking, and his visit had a hidden agenda.

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Ethiopia’s choice: Reform or anarchism

ETHIOPIA, the heroic African country Europeans could not colonise, source of the Blue Nile whose waters gave humanity its civilisation and in whose bosom the African Union headquarters nestles, is faced with a choice; political reform or anarchism. This explains its on-going turbulence which has consumed Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn Boshe. His February 15 resignation letter stands logic on its head.

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Powerful parties, weak people

THE ruling African National Congress, ANC, in South Africa, and its Nigerian counterpart, the All Progressives  Congress, APC, are each a ‘Congress.’ However,  while the ANC is a political party which  during the Anti-Apartheid struggle, transformed into  a people’s movement, the APC  lays claims to what it is  not; a political party.  The fact that a butterfly has wings and can fly, does not make it a bird.

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Donald Trump

Why US is allergic to peace between the Koreans – Owei Lakemfa

THE 2018 Winter Olympic Games kicked off today, February 9 in Pyeongchang, South Korea. With an estimated four billion viewers across the globe, it carries the significance of  North and South Korea uniting and marching under a common flag, and having a unified Women Ice Hockey team. The specially chosen theme of the Games is Peace, and it emphasises the  clear possibilities of peace and unification of a homogeneous people split now for 73 years, not because they wanted it, but because the super powers simply decided to use them to play Ping-Pong.

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