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We’ve paid toll before stepping on the road

There is a tradition in Nigeria to pay for services not rendered. Electricity companies refuse to provide pre-paid metres and bill you while supplying darkness. You are made to pay multiple taxes similar to ransom because it is a hostage situation. Apart from spending the petro-dollars, internally generated   revenue and foreign loans, our government is ever in need of more money. Don’t ask me what it is used for; I am a patriot. For this, we are made to pay   tax on   virtually everything, including     communication tax, cash withdrawal tax, cash deposit tax, stamp duty on bank account,   stamp duty on POS transaction and higher Value-Added- Tax for Tax-Devalued-Life

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Abdel Fattah al-Sisi

Democracies gone crazy: Egypt’s Sisi and Indonesia’s Widodo

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Saeed Hussein Khalil El-Sisi sees himself as the saviour of his country. Therefore, when in September street protests broke out asking him to step down, he was furious. Within two weeks, he  detained over 2,300 persons, including hundreds that were picked up in their homes.  The detainees  include 111 minors, aged between 11 and 17 years and 68 women.

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Islamisation, Christian Seers and hapless Nigerians

THERE have been claims and counter-claims over the years of alleged moves to Islamise the country. Ironically, some Muslims in the Western part of the country also believe this. The rise of Boko Haram when it initially turned churches into ruins was seen as proof. But soon, it became clear that the Boko Haram terrorists were out to destroy all churches and mosques that do not belong to them. They attacked, kidnapped and killed those who do not belong to them whether Christian or Muslim. Then, even those who loudly wailed the war against Boko Haram was a guise to wipe out Muslims, joined in the war.

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Johnson, Trump and Netanyahu

Three Blind Mice: Johnson, Trump and Netanyahu

Three hippie-like and unconventional leaders of the world: Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu; American President, Donald Trump and British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson are occupying the centre stage of world politics. While Netanyahu, staring electoral defeat, is too dazed to leave Jerusalem for the United Nations General Assembly, UNGA,   his two allies made it to the UNGA only to receive not too palatable news of possible impeachment. Johnson, particularly,  is floating in the air with his coup against the British Parliament reversed by the Supreme Court and running out of tricks and theatricals.

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A disturbed elite class is no use

A MAJOR news item on the Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria, FRCN, 7.00 a.m. Network News on Thursday, September 19 was that President Muhammadu Buhari had approved the programme for the 59th Independence Day. The radio reported that the programme included a lecture and prayers at the National Mosque and Church.

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Kinship with Robert Mugabe

ROBERT Gabriel Mugabe was a  normal human being. But to the West, he was an enigma. He was born in racist Southern Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) and spoke up against racism and for democracy. That made him an enemy of the state for which he spent over a decade in prison. He had three degrees in History/English, Administration and Education from South African universities.

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Our future is in our past

WE gathered at the rapidly developing and neat Lagos State University, LASU, campus to talk about our country and proffer solutions to its myriad of challenges. The Dean of Social Sciences, Professor Elias Olukorede Wahab; political scientist, Professor Sylvester Odion Akhaine and Head of Political Science Department, Dr. Wale Aderemi, had worked hard with their colleagues and university authorities to put the gathering together in honour of Professor Abubakar Momoh, an intellectual who blazed through our skies like Halley’s Comet with an orbital period of 75 years.

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  Ho Chi Minh

Be like Uncle Ho!

THE conscientious world on   Monday, September 2, marked the fiftieth year departure of  Ho Chi Minh (real name Nguyen Sinh Cung) also affectionately called Uncle Ho, one of the greatest men that ever lived. Uncle Ho’s role in history as that smallish, frail and fragile Vietnamese patriot who led his country to take on military powers from three continents: Japan in Asia, France in Europe and the United States, US, in North America and defeat them in battle, cannot be erased.

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