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Our neighbour’s new president

A piece of good news that heralded the New Year in the West African sub region was the successful transition of power in Ghana on January 7. It was a sign that democracy is taking root in our region in spite of the latter day antics of Yahya Jammeh of Gambia; it was a sign that the voice of the people can resonate and make a difference; it was also a sign that John Mahama, the out-going President put a system in place that allowed some transparency and level playing field.

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Extortionists in government

There was a tap on my window. I wound down a bit out of politeness and curiosity—or stupidity as it turned out—to see who it was. We—my driver and I—were on Town Planning Way in Ilupeju and were about to turn left into Coker road. We had been stopped at the junction by a man in mufti who acted like a traffic warden. A couple of cars were in front of us and a couple were behind. I was taken aback by the sternness in the voice of the man I wound down my glass for. He had appeared from the side.

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