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Of life and legacy

The view from the 14th floor of Britannia International Hotel at the Canary Wharf was pretty impressive. You saw sleek, modern buildings that dotted the skyline and housed some of the biggest banks in the world. You saw names of financial institutions that you had heard and read about.

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Of course life is not fair

A famous British actor in the popular sitcom Coronation Street, is rueing the flippant words he uttered in a TV interview recently. He had said in the interview, that whatever happens to us is as a result of our actions either in this world or the previous one. In other words, we deserve whatever we get.

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The return of Mr ‘FIX IT’

I often think of Nelson Mandela and Robert Mugabe when thinking of leadership and how a leader’s action or inaction can make or mar a country. Mugabe and Mandela had a similar background; they were pillars in the struggle to liberate their people and suffered untold hardships in the process.

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