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Breaking Strongholds (2)

It’s absolutely amazing to me to find that deep inside ourselves is the one place we will never look for answers. Quite a lot of people are terrified to look within for answers, they find it easier to blame the environment, their parents, bad luck or even their situations, and anybody but them is the source of all discontent and failure. We like to follow the path of least resistance, taking on suggestions and established truths of others so we don’t have to dig for our own inner truths! Once upon a time, it was an established truth that the earth was flat; the man who thought it round was considered a heretic; so founding our lives on established truths is tricky as truth changes ground once new information is available!

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Breaking Strongholds (1)

It’s often a light bulb moment for me when someone casts a deeper understanding into phrases or situations I have hitherto ignored or just never really truly contemplated! I believe everyone has had such a moment where you suddenly get clarity and understand something that has never been clear before; it’s like being in the dark and someone suddenly puts on the light! That illumination or understanding is what I call a light bulb moment!

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A Pregnant pause

Spontaneous reactions are occurrences most of us describe as unexpected and unplanned. Things we do without deliberate intent or forethought; explosions of sorts triggered by emotions on rampage. The beauty of hindsight is that we actually give ourselves enough time to think about how we should have reacted and then see a different turn of events to those we most likely come to sorely regret. One of the most notable features of older people is their unhurried gait and pace. They seem to have got the memo from heaven that everything and everyone can wait. Spontaneity and rash impulses get hammered out with time and at a particular age the wisdom of the elders is more a direct dividend of patience and energy deficiency. A truly mature and wise individual knows the value of an extended pause; they know just how important it is to buy some time before giving in to emotions; anger is a tonic only for the mad!!

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Them and us

A fools paradise is a reality that is beautiful and perfect, supporting values and beliefs that project an illusion of peace; it is tailor made to suit the dreams and aspirations of its owner, it has one fatal flaw; its not real. Almost a decade ago I was accused of living in a fools paradise by a friend on a visit to my home back then. He liked the harmony we enjoyed but felt there was way too much familiarity between me and my domestic staff; “there is a line of authority that you are letting them cross and I am sure you will someday regret it”. I had explained that I didn’t hold any supremacist values and that I believed that save for grace and a lottery of birth we were all one and the same, at least before God.

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A mother indeed

The years roll by pretty quick and very soon we forget what we once couldn’t live without. I begin writing this column with an open mind, I have two mothers in mind and I can’t decide which of them I want to write about, so I am just going to give my mind free rein to express itself. The first mother is my biological one and even though she joined the saints 14th of june 1996; she plays a very important role in my everyday life. I talk about her so much that my husband who never met her is sure he can pick her out in a crowd. You see, my mom was larger than life in every way; she was the life and soul of the party; she was funny, generous and friendly.

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The cost of Happiness

A ground hog day is a day that keeps repeating itself and I got a call a while back that had me thinking a nightmarish day from the past was happening all over again. It began when I missed an early call from a young lady I mentor as I was fast asleep at the time!! I got caught up in my day and only remembered it when she called me back much later in the day

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The Say-Do ratio

In a recent group discussion, I came across the concept of the “Say-Do ratio”. It was at an international networking session of women executives and entrepreneurs. It was used in connection to partner participation in marriage by a man who was curious about how much working women expected from their men to feel truly fulfilled.

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