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“Guns that never shot”

All students and lovers of African literature are familiar with these words from the late Prof. Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart. Okonkwo had given his second wife, Ekwefi, a thorough beating over a non-issue and was about to go hunting, something he was not renowned for, a fact known to everyone, including Ekwefi.

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Dying romance

It started over 50 years ago. Even before I was conscious of it, we had been inextricably linked. My mother told me that I never liked nor took baby food. From mama’s breast milk, I moved to solid food and that included eba and soup, aka, swallow. As I grew older, my romance with eba grew stronger; I took eba and soup, just any delicious soup, at the slightest sign of hunger.  Those who know me personally understand, but for other readers, let me go down memory lane.

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Students welfare plan

Very soon schools will resume, but some students will not go back to their schools. They will resume at less expensive private schools or resume at government-owned schools. That is because some of these students lost their breadwinners just before or during the holiday. This year alone, I know a handful of people in their 40s and 50s who have died. Take any day of your choice and go through all the newspapers; you are likely to find an obituary of somebody within this age range. The cause of death might range from accident and illness to death from armed robbery or kidnapping.

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Kick out bad habits

Habits are things we do regularly until they consciously or unconsciously become part of us. Our habits are dots which connect to make up our character. There  are good habits, bad habits and ruinous habits. Our focus today are bad habits.  I hate to be a slave to bad habits and I have fought to free myself from such slavery all my life. I remember one of my bad habits in my younger days.

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Oyakhilome and spousal roles

It is not often I read long WhatsApp messages, or watch long videos on WhatsApp. But I have watched a 17-minutes-25-seconds video by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome three times. It dwelt on the roles of/relationship between husband and wife. In a liberal world, dotted by talks on gender equality, equity, mainstreaming, roles reversal, etc., many will consider his views retrogressive and archaic. But with the alarming rate at which marriages are collapsing, Oyakhilome’s marriage being no exception, you have to listen to him even if you do not share his views. Some of these marriages collapsed due to the embrace of some new paradigms, hook, line and sinker by women.

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“Where did you travel to?”

It is unbelievable how man has decided to complicate this simple life that God created. It actually started in the Garden of Eden where two naked adults, male and female, did not even know they were naked until they dabbled into forbidden territory. Today’s article is another example of how wo(man) complicates simple matters. The title of today’s article is the question some teachers in highbrow private schools ask their pupils when they get back from the long holidays. They assume that every pupil ought to travel abroad during the long holiday.

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Leave Sniper out of it,distinguished

The Senate on Tuesday this week urged the Federal Government to ban the importation, production or circulation of sniper because it is being used by some Nigerians to commit suicide. Yes, it is true that some people who committed suicide recently used sniper. As if that is not bad enough, a National Youth Service Corp (NYSC), member serving in Ogun State, Ayomikun, Ademoraye Juliana, died last Sunday after reportedly using sniper. She ignorantly used it to wash her hair to eliminate lice.

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