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Retired workers waiting to collect their pension

It got to a point that school fees of our children could not be paid and we had to take undertaken with their school proprietors that their school fees would be paid as soon as salaries are paid. Luckily enough their school proprietors allowed our children to attend classes and also write their exams. To compound our problems gratuities were not also paid since our retirement since 2012.

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Baba Bose, the Kano born beggar who is the face of a Lagos bus stop

As you climb the bridge, his pitiable condition is bound to attract your attention. And when you try to engage him in a conversation, you will be amazed at his good command of the English Language. But Baba Bose, as he prefers to be called, is not just a beggar. He is a peculiar one. At the pedestrian bridge at Ijesha-Tedo Bus Stop, along Oshodi-Apapa Expressway, Lagos, where he has domiciled for over 25 years, Baba Bose is seen as ‘a worthy landlord of the bus stop.” He remains there during the rainy or dry seasons, begging passers-by for alms to make ends meet.

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CSR: Vitafoam donates mattresses to Boko Haram victims

As part of its Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) Vitafoam Nigeria Plc has brought succor to some victims of insurgents, Boko Haram by donating 100 luxurious mattresses and 100 pillows to the Internally Displaced People (IDPs) in Borno State through a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO), The Oasis Association. Explaining the rationale behind the donation, Vitafoam’s Group Managing Director, Mr Taiwo Adeniyi stated that the donation of mattresses and pillows will in a way alleviate the sufferings of the people displaced by the insurgents, called Boko Haram.

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Esther Ibanga: Garlands for a caregiver

When she started with a single step of looking for victims of the Jos crisis and giving succour to those she could afford to cater for, not many took her seriously. In fact, in the heat of the killing and maiming of women, men and children by heartless men in Plateau State, Esther Ibanga, a woman, who voluntarily relinquished her high-paying job at the Central Bank of Nigeria, made it a point of duty to move from point to point rendering help to victims of the wanton mayhem in the state.

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Child marriage: Practice, consequences and remedy

“As a father, I can’t stand that for my daughter, I treasure my daughters, and I believe in girl-child education. African should begin to change our attitude and mentality, our thinking of female child. I want to believe, I may be naïve, if we begin to have women leaders at the highest political level, we will overcome some of these problems.”

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Six women medical bills paid, rescued from hospital

” I“really thank God for using Reverend to clean my tears, l am even more“happy to be alive because during delivery, l had serious complications“ and even after the finance was not there to pay for the hospital“bills.“Mrs Olaposi faith also spoke, l thank the church for coming to my aid.“I least expected this from anyone. But thank God who is ever faithful.

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Boko Haram: We knew we were alive but didn’t understand how — Rescued victims

“Slaughtering of human beings was very common and it was done with so much brutality. It was as if chickens had more prestige and importance. “Any time we had the opportunity to pray, we always called on God to have mercy on us and deliver us. Sometimes we fasted. One day, we got news that the military was coming – thanks to a small radio we got at Gwoza.

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