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N75b youth empowerment fund: NYCN commends Buhari, Dare

For once Buhari enjoys my total sympathy

Like most people, I have spent all my life thinking that miracles occur to change our lives from bad to good. Now I know better in a personal way. I have also lived long to see how the crude oil miracle which altered our lives since 1973 has finally ended in a negative miracle 47 years after. Incidentally, the two major disasters occurred at the same time.

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World Population Day: Obaseki assures of policies to reduce inequality, promote inclusive growth

Palliative: They expect Nigerians to live on N167 per day

“As we know, the CCT (CONDITIONAL CASH TRANSFER) is for poor and vulnerable households in the country…beneficiaries are entitled to N5, 000 every month; however, the payment of N20, 000 now to each beneficiary is for four months. It is going to happen all over the country, but we are starting with FCT, Lagos and Ogun. These are the front line states. Others will follow…” – Minister of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development, DAILY INDEPENDENT, APRIL 2, 2020.
The Minister further said.

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What does the S/West produce that compares with the North?

I wish to register my total disagreement with the half-truths and innuendos presented by columnist Dele Sobowale. He prides himself as a well educated economist who has been contributing to economic matters for well over four decades. Yet, he flaunted not only inaccurate figures but also deliberately manipulated data to incite the gullible public in southern Nigeria. He has so far made two series under this obnoxious heading and is primed to go the long haul if he is not stopped in his tracks.

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Big trouble, as more Nigerians sink deeper into poverty

A President without luck and a nation on verge of anarchy (1)

Nigeria, like all nations in the world today, faces an economic and a health crisis. Unlike others, our nation is burdened by three other major problems. The first is crisis of leadership at the topmost levels of government in Nigeria. The second is the stark reality that there is no ruling political party – as it is known in all democracies. The third disaster, which is inextricably tied to the first, is what can only be described a President who has no luck. Just before Buhari’s army of sympathises, led by his loudspeakers in Aso Rock, think that luck is irrelevant at this time, or one is insulting Buhari, permit me to take our readers, especially the young, through African history.

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North has already destroyed itself – 1

I wish that historical Lord Lugard and the King or Queen of England who granted him the powers to rule and ruin our lives are alive today to behold the explosions being set off by the time bomb they planted in this part of Africa in 1914. History does not tell us its alternatives. In other words, we don’t know what would have happened if amalgamation had not occurred. But, we are now beginning to see the beginning of the end of the “geographical expression” (apologies to the late Chief Awolowo) they formed and named Nigeria by the satraps’ concubine.

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