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Restructuring: Nigeria’s tower of Babel – 1

By Dele Sobowale ‘Northern Leaders Call For 12- Structure, Resource Control: Southern leaders divided, receive call with suspicion, cautious optimism’ -VANGUARD, Wednesday, October 14, 2020, p 30. “Vox populi, vox humbug” meaning “Voice of the people is rubbish” – US General William T Sherman, 1820-1891. Ask any advocate of restructuring about the matter, especially a
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Has Niger Delta missed the boat? AKS as metaphor (2)

In the good old days, pupils in public primary schools received a strong dose of folks’ wisdom along with their lessons in English. My all-time favourite teacher – Mr Udoh – who shaped my life at St Peter’s Primary School, Faji, Lagos, was responsible for drumming that piece of sage wisdom into our small skulls in Standard Four in 1956. It was the sort of wisdom most Niger Delta political leaders – President, Governors especially, Ministers, Senators, Speakers of States Houses of Assemblies – never understood or applied to governance in the region when God smiled on the neglected people by giving them crude oil.

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Adams Oshiomhole: A disaster foretold

By Dele Sobowale “The climax of every tragedy lies in the deafness of its heroes” – Albert Camus, 1903-1960, VANGUARD BOOK OF QUOTATIONS, VBQ, p 90. Edo State election of Saturday, September 19, 2020 ended predictably. Comrade Adams Oshiomole, ex-NLC President, ex-governor and ex-National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress, APC, suffered a self-inflicted and
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Why post-humous tributes make no sense

My colleague and a great journalist reminded us of the words of Lazar as he was doing exactly the opposite. He published on that day a tribute to our common colleague – Wada Maida. It was titled, ‘Wada MAIDA: Sunset at Dusk.’ It was a great prose – the best of Ali M Ali. But, it was no better than sending flowers or writing a poem which Wada would never read. I only hope Ali had told Wada how he felt about him while still alive.

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Babangida, IBB

Birthday wishes to Babangida at 80-1 (2)

NOTE: Because of our current travails on account of the partial lockdown of the Third Mainland Bridge, this part of the article ended abruptly. Readers could not possibly understand the significance of the bridge and the vision it entailed at the time. IBB embarked on completion of the bridge approximately 17 years after the Eko Bridge was opened by Gowon in anticipation of the population surge which the 1988 Census revealed. Even then, it was clear that the 3rd Bridge would provide only temporary relief. Another bridge or tunnel was needed within 15 years. Today, nearly 30 years after that forward looking regime, we are feeling the lash of the folly of his successors who failed to construct another bridge or the first tunnel.

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