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Obama’s recurring nightmare

YOU wouldn’t be off the mark to conclude that President Barack Obama’s greatest nightmare is what to do to preserve his signature law, the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), from being overturned by Republican legislators with their majority in Congress; or that he dreads losing momentum in the economic near-miracle he has achieved in America; or how to ensure that a fellow Democrat succeeds him in office. None of these is true.

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Now, Mary can marry Maria anywhere in US

SAME-SEX marriages in the US are not a novelty. What is new is that last week, the U.S. Supreme Court affixed a stamp of legitimacy on such marriages anywhere in the country. Now, Mary can marry Maria, from New York to California, and from Arizona to Montana. In the same vein, James can take his lovely Jeremiah to a marriage registry anywhere in the United States and have a marriage official pronounce both men husband and wife, and they will be so recognized in the eyes of the law.

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George Bush

Bush on Iraqi war

Bush and Iraqi war? This suggestion brings back memories of the first and second U.S. wars in Iraq. Presidents George Herbert Walker Bush and George Walker Bush, the father and son duo of presidents of the United States at different times, launched blistering and expensive wars in Iraq.

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Row over Governor Rauner

YOU may not have heard of a man called Bruce Rauner. Well, there isn’t anything so exceptional about him that he should command international attention. He is the current elected governor of the state of Illinois in the U.S., and he assumed office in January this year. Governor Rauner is a Republican who campaigned on the values of cleaning up the bad governance Illinois has been associated with in past years

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