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Ese, Yunusa and the emirate: The trouble with Nigeria

IT is said in the Yoruba country that when your relation feeds on insects and you think it is not your business, just wait until his itchy throat begins rumbling in the dead of the night . So it is with our compatriots in Arewaland who have sired millions of untrained and uneducated children despite being in power for four decades out of Nigeria’s 55 years of Nigeria’s independence.

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Who needs economic confab?

NOBEL Laureate Prof. Wole Soyinka went on a courtesy visit to Information Minister, Alhaji Lai Mohammed in Abuja.The good old Prof had for years not been known to be a ministerial visitor raising the curiosity that something must be cooking in the ministry of Information and Culture.

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Magufuli: Africa’s real face of change

I WAS in Accra this past week and saw a Toyota van with inscription “APC”. I initially thought an APC official from Nigeria was in town. But upon looking closely, I saw it was “All Peoples Congress” with a broom as its logo.It then dawned on me that the rumoured CHANGE in Nigeria must have inspired some Ghanaians to form their own APC hoping their change would birth.

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Bornu: Whose report would we believe?

THERE is no debate that Nigeria is at war and consequently “truth don die” (apology to Femi Anikulapo-Kuti).

And nothing typifies the obituary of truth in our country today than official reactions to the Boko Haram war going on in the North East primarily with occasional forays into other zones of the north and the Federal Capital Territory(FCT).

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As Arewa governors migrate to Saudi…

I AM still at loss as to why many delegates at the 2014 National Conference were shocked when Alhaji Barkindo Mustapha, the Lamido of Adamawa made these obvious and truthful confessions, though in anger, on the floor of that assembly. Maybe those who were scandalised by the remarks did not know of the truism that the ‘drunkén’ voice, what was hidden in his spirt that he would not have been said without intoxication.

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Minister Lai, How now, the bailout?

UNTIL I came across this verse of scripture,Dr. Amos Akingba had been my reference point on the danger of knowing more than most of your community.The elder statesman is fond of expressing regrets that he knows too much. “Sometimes I wish I don’t know as much as I do.If I were in some village chewing kola nut and drinking palm wine all over the place,I would not be in this agony as I would be swimming in ignorance.”

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War against which corruption?

IN the eyes of the average Nigerian, a full frontal war against corruption is being waged by the current administration of President Muhammadu Buhari. Reservedly so, there are a few of us who strikingly reminisce what appears to be the same choosy confrontation on corruption staged by preceding administrations including Buhari from 1983 to 1985.

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Nigeria as a killing field

Nigeria should devolve or dissolve

WERE it not that I have given up on Nigeria as it is, I would have made a demand on the Minister of Power, Housing and Works (I hope that is the order), Mr. Babatunde Fashola (SAN) to throw into the dustbin most of the agenda he has been sharing. I particularly would have called on the minister to shove all he has put down on Works until he has undertaken the onerous assignment .

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2016 budget: Bani changi!

MALLAM Audu used to have a kiosk as you crossed from Moremi Hall to Awolowo Hall in Ife in those days. We bought little items from from the wares he displayed close to the health centre. After payment was made, Audu was usually not so quick with giving out the change, so, we would yell at him in our smattering knowledge of the Hausa Language: “Mallam,bani Changi!

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BVN blues

IT is difficult for me to talk about Abami Eda,the weird one, Fela Anikulapo-Kuti in the past because though the mortal part of him was interred in 1997, his essence lives and speaks to our unfortunate situation every now and then. Fela is one authentic prophet whose every word continues to perform what exactly it was sent for.

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How not to try Dasuki!

“Buhari   told the Nigerian community in Iran that those accused of corruption would have been prosecuted by now but for the need to thoroughly investigate them with a view to gathering enough evidence for their eventual trial. He admitted that it was easier for him during his tenure as a military Head of State
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Na wetin MTN do sef?

I listened to a radio presenter two weeks ago playing the album Kollington Ayinla released after armed robbers snatched his Volvo car in the late ’70s.After every two lines the Fuji maestro would release a high-voltage curse: “tiyin buru o”(yours has spoilt).The presenter allowed Kollington to download this curse about five times and asked: “Is it not Volvo Alhaji said they stole from him?”

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