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Fiscal irresponsibility as ‘Bailout’

If “Boko” had not truly become “Haram” in Nigeria,our public intellectuals would have by now been able to break down the bondage recently packaged by the Federal Government for about 26 states of the Unitary Republic of Nigeria in the name of bailout. The APC megaphones would have been too ashamed of this wrong-headed decision instead of having the audacity of counting it as an achievement .

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Whither Jega’s child voters?

IT’S an undiluted shame that one has to write about the voting age in Nigeria in the year of our Lord 2015! All the preceding ages of civilisations that humanity ever knew had addressed standards in one way or the other.

From stones depicting prices,through King Henry I stretched arm making a yard to the French King’s foot until international standard weights and measurements evolved,the issue has been managed by stages of enlightenment.

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Like Nigeria, South Africa fails (2)

THERE is a saying in the Yoruba country that the sound of rain shortly after the utterance of a cleric fortifies his belief that the heavens validate his assertion. As this column was hitting the print last Tuesday, South African President Jacob Zuma was in the news doing what black people are famous for – blaming others for their failures.

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Like Nigeria, South Africa fails

ELDER statesman Dr. Tunji Braithwaite once recalled how his mother just six years into Nigeria’s independence asked poignantly “when will this independence end?”. That was how brutal the old woman could put the simmering signs of failure in such a short period. If you are perceptive enough ,you may not have all the tips on how to seed but you sure must identify the signals of failure.

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Re: Na only Fulani waka come

Thank you for transporting the grand recollections, hopes and outlook that we shared during our days in what we knew as the greatest citadel of learning in Africa. In search for greener pastures, shortly after we left Obafemi Awolowo University, I stumbled on a closely held secret. Our academic curriculum was enormously designed by and after the University of Michigan.

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Na only Fulani waka come

By Yinka Odumakin DEAR Hillary,The headline above is a line you sent to me on WhatsApp in what has become our ritual of daily dialogues about our country over the years. This has been a carryover of our passion from our days at the “Ife fortress “(apology to Prof. Jubril Aminu) where we learned when
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