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Nigeria in death throes?

ONLY those who lack perception will not know by now that the undertakers of Nigeria have finished their task. Nigeria is in trouble. The day self-serving lawmakers shot down devolution of powers in our Senate with the Representatives following suit, they snuffed out what holds a country together and unleashed what causes its death.

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APC does not understand restructuring?

I SHOULD have been having a belly laugh by now but for the tragic occurrence that the All Progressives Congress APC, just set up a committee headed by an opponent of the concept, Mallam Nasir El Rufai, to define what the all important demand in Nigeria today, restructuring, means? I thought the party should just have bought a copy of Chambers dictionary to check the meaning of the word instead of setting up this needless committee which at best is a mockery. Or has Mallam Shekau mopped the bookshops to give practical effect to Boko Haram?

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Banire and Lagos orchestrated charade

THE National Legal Adviser of the All Progressives Party APC, was in the news in the past few weeks for standing up to the Lagos hegemony like a real man with good balls and eyeball -to -eyeball. He has attracted condemnations from some quarters with some of the political slaves he is trying to liberate forming what he called “rented crowds” pounding the streets and demanding his expulsion from their party.

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