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What the Igbos want in Nigeria (4)

By Obasi Igwe
A FACTION of the visitant six geo-politicians used to plead for an Igbo president, without letting it known whether or not it is tied to the restructuring, how related to Igbo wellbeing that would be, or just another means of advancing their business interests or achieving the Igbo quota of federal corruption in Nigeria, which they have since 1970 been imposing on helpless Igbo masses at the state and local government levels, unrestrained by anyone.

Because of this ideological confusion, they hardly say much, if anything, about the Igbo condition and Nigerian sufferings, since to them to be an Igbo president, one has to be “generally acceptable to Nigerians”. As if other tribesmen that had been presidents were generally acceptable to the Igbos.

Evils and iniquities

Of course, this general acceptability is expected to be the Igboman’s endorsement of all the evils and iniquities that have been imposed on the Nigerian masses, the atrocities that are continuously being committed against the Igbos and other Nigerians on a daily basis, and the patently cruel and immoral constitutional arrangements imposed upon the country, especially the South.

Some of the non-Igbos conceding the possibility of an Igbo president are seemingly searching for such an ideal Igbo individual, who would be clowning his way around the Aso Rock proclaiming One Nigeria with, not a single vision about anything except “business” as usual.

To improve his “general acceptability”, he might even create grazing reserves in the South and Middle Belt, instead of encouraging ranches in the North, and more Local Government Areas in places that already have a surfeit of them.

He would be an Igbo with very high personal ambition, but no mind of his own; he has to see no evil and must change nothing. After four or eight years of more corruption and mediocrity, if he is not impeached mid-way, the grandstanding Igbo president would leave office, with more money in his business, more sufferings for the Igbos, Yorubas, Hausa-Fulani talakawa, the Middle Belters, the Niger  Delta and other minorities, and so on. And the Igbo would have achieved their heart’s desire of Igbo presidency, and join the league of Nigerian ne’er-do-well presidential has-beens! Thereafter, there would be peace in the country!!

Those taunting the Igbos with Igbo presidency certainly know that they insult the Igbo – perhaps also other Nigerian masses – to a great extreme. If the Igbo must be president of a country operating an allocative presidential system, instead of democratic meritocracy, why won’t the Igboman be the president right now, instead of tomorrow, 2019, 2023, 2031 and all that?

The Yorubas have produced three presidents or heads of state since 1976, and it was all a disaster upon the masses, with thousands sent to their untimely graves, and a prime portion of the Nigerian territory lost to outside powers.

 Northern minorities
The Northern minorities have produced three or so, and more than four million people died,every hope of peace shattered, naira destroyed, and the economy and nation in total shambles. Those leaders were a bitter, barbarous and cruel people, and they sowed nothing but barbarism, bitterness and cruelty everywhere.

The Kanuri North-East produced their own best, and all you had was a continuation of the killings, with the economy in disarray.

The best of the caliphate, including whichever Habe pawns they could lay their hands upon, have had a field day in the mis-governance of Nigeria since the mid-20th century, and their bests have only produced disaster upon disaster in the South, Middle Belt, North Central, East and West.

Murder, mayhem, terrorism, religious fundamentalism, economic illiteracy, feudal atavism, pogroms, genocide,empty arrogance, poverty and social decay, have been their stocks-in-trade.

To those rulers, they are gifted in “administration”, which amounts to nothing else than the ability to keep millions of their kinsmen in perpetual chains, poverty, political slavery, disease, etc.

Allocative presidencies

To the talakawas these so-called leaders offered a very hard and tempestuous drug called religion and, nothing else, except this, corruption and killing seems to be in their nature.

Then, came a Southern minority in the saddle, who didn’t know where and how to start, and ended up not even liberating an inch, his own people that had long yearned for a man in his position. In all these allocative presidencies, the only common feature was corruption, a competitive corruption whose scale no country in human history has ever witnessed.

Imagine, none of the best from the various Nigerian tribes has been good enough for Nigeria. Some could even answer for very serious crimes at the ICC. One of them signed a treaty for a British recolonisation of Nigeria, while two of the others surreptitiously signed away a choice Nigerian territory to Cameroon.

To show the emptiness of Nigeria, all of these disastrous entities are hailed as great statesmen by all manner of people.

..To be continued


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