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Re: Ife 21, nemo judex in causa sua…

THERE has never been a time as horrible as the present, in the history of Nigeria. I say that because I believe that this government rode to power on the faith that millions of eligible voters had in the incumbent president of the republic. For us to wake up and hear every day, tales of extra judicial killings by security agencies, Fulani terrorism and the segregating actions of a supposedly federal police is just too dangerous for a democracy.

Even worse, we had hoped that the rule of law would prevail and that the government would preside over the affairs of state with highhandedness. But instead, what we have seen is a leadership clothed in total disregard for the other arms of government, a lugubrious contempt for court rulings that do not favour it. If anyone does not see it as a horrible and dangerous time in the history of our country, then how come our supposed messianic era has become hijacked by megalomaniacs and errant individuals who somehow seem to even be more powerful than the president himself?

The evidence keeps mounting against this government and its kitchen cabinet as they continue to cook meals that are too spicy for the consumption of millions of Nigerians. If the Secretary to the Federal Government Babachir Lawal, will disrespect the Senate, then what does that say about his boss? Or doesn’t the buck stop anymore at his table? Perhaps, Nigerians should stop wondering why soldiers easily pounce on civilians. A retired soldier finds the Senate stupid and will do everything in his power to challenge them. If he despised the Customs so much, why did he then take the job? It is no longer a new thing for the Presidency to send the same person back and forth to the Senate for confirmation, and then nobody is wise enough in that kitchen cabinet to tell their boss that there are also other high ranking qualified people in the EFCC’s hierarchy that can head the Commission.

The government has become the architect of eroding job satisfaction in Nigeria; she uproots deserving public servants in a parastatal and replaces them with people who know nothing about the affairs of the organisation while they expect others who have been working hard for years, climbing the ladder, to be happy.

On the issue of the clash in Ife, I believe that the South West region can now finally agree with the others that have been crying foul, that something is wrong somewhere. Although we cannot see it and there is no evidence to support it; but the government has truly kept to its promise of keeping everything for the region of the country that gave it the most votes.

The police and the other law enforcement agencies have since reflected this partiality. Why would the Yorubas be the only ones to be dragged to court? Were they the only ones involved in the case or did the police get a clear instruction to sieve out the Hausa men involved? This is the exact same scenario playing out in the Fulani terrorism going on all over the country. The Presidency overlooks it, yet expects the people to be happy. Nobody is allowed to question the health of the president because he is a Northerner. Nobody is allowed to speak out against the Fulani terrorists, nobody will tell the members of the kitchen cabinet how to behave, and nobody is allowed to ask why the President will abandon our hospitals for a foreign one (we all thought that era had come to an end).

But of course, this government made us vote for them on pristine ideals that even the members of the ruling party find too difficult to comprehend. Why would they honour the Senate? Why would they wear bloody lower paramilitary outfit? They forget that a system cannot stand if a few believe that they are above the law and that a federal democracy stems from meritocracy and respect for the rule of law.

They could give away contracts at their whim without any regard for openness and due process like the SGF is implying with his evasion of Senate summons. They will waste no time in cheating the country that made them exalted people with titles. The sad part of it all is that the ruling class is educated and exposed, yet they act and carry themselves like illiterates. There can be no equity in a system where the leaders find it difficult to stand on the side of fairness.

I believe that the police should be sued for being partial and playing to the gallery of the bigots that have found their way into certain corridors of power. It is such ethnic politics that has allowed the continued Fulani menace throughout the southern parts of Nigeria. It is no longer a secret that this government has been hijacked by some people who hate the unity of the federation and totally abhor the rule of law. The APC-led executive arm of government can no longer continue to shout Nigerians down just to drown out criticisms.

There can be no more excuses as pertaining to the economy; the PDP has been blamed enough for almost two years now. Nemo judex in causa sua means that nobody can be a judge in a case that involves him/her, and this APC government cannot be any different. There has been no time as horrible as this in the history of this federation. And it is only the wise ones in that small kitchen cabinet of the presidency (with confusing aromas)who can predict that the national cake, and even its oven, could soon be engulfed in flames if they don’t put Nigeria’s secular democracy first.




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