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Achebe: Exit of a literary giant

2019: Ndigbo’ll vote Buhari to woo his support for 2023


ABA- Chairman of the All Progressive Congress, APC, Abia State, Chief Donatus Nwankpa, has said that Ndigbo will return Buhari as president in 2019 in order to woo his support for Igbo presidency in 2023.

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How I escaped Orkar’s coup – Ibrahim Babangida

Ahead of his 74th birthday today, erstwhile military president, General Ibrahim Babangida had an interactive session with journalists in Minna, Niger State. In the revealing interview he opens up on his response to the coup plot led by Major Gideon Orkar in April 1990, the Dimka coup plot earlier in 1976, his assessment of the unfolding Muhammadu Buhari led administration and of his thoughts towards his one time friend, Chief Moshood Abiola among other things.

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God, why did you create the poor?

This is a true story. A close friend was driving on a fairly busy road on Lagos Island when he was stopped by a traffic light. He looked right and his eyes caught a nine or ten year old child crying uncontrollably by the side. The sight so moved him that he parked his car and got down to see what was making the child so distraught. It turned out that the figures didn’t add up for the poor child.

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Achebe: The story and story teller

Finally, the story ends. The story teller has gone to sleep. He has gone with his stories – a bagful. But then another story begins. It is telling the story according to the story teller. It is the story of Chinualumogu Achebe and his stories. It is also about the stories of Chinua Achebe, the man with the stories. Ugo belu n’enu oji – the eagle on the iroko. It is a story that thrills, enthralls and captivates – both sides of it.

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Chinua Achebe: A Patroit And Contrarian

On March 22nd this year 2013, the World lost one of its greatest story–tellers and Africa one of her most strident voices for liberation, freedom and equality. Chinua Achebe known in childhood years as Albert Chinualumogu Achebe of Nigeria is no more. We are here at the invitation of the African Leadership Institute USA and Wright State University, to celebrate his life and pay tribute to the enormity of Chinua Achebe’s accomplishments.

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Chinua Achebe And Abam People

Professor Chinua Achebe’s pioneer books; “Things Fall Apart” and “Arrow of God”, are the most libelous books ever written against an indigenous Nigerian Community. I speak of Abam Community and no one needs be astonished. For decades Chinua Achebe through his books has been dehumanizing Abam people, portraying them as savages, cannibals, war mongers and plunderers. He denies them history of any form of civilization. It is precisely this image of Abam in Chinua Achebe ‘s books that made the Biafran authorities to make Abam community the first port of call for recruitment into their rag-tag army.

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