July 11, 2024

Alf actor Benji Gregory found dead in his car

Alf actor Benji Gregory found dead in his car

Benji Gregory, popularly known for his role as Brian Tanner on the hit 1980s TV series “Alf,” was tragically found dead in his car at the age of 46, leaving fans and family devastated.

The heartbreaking news was confirmed by his sister, Rebecca, who disclosed that Gregory’s body was discovered in a Chase Bank parking lot in Peoria on June 13.

Preliminary reports suggest that Gregory’s death occurred on the same date, although official confirmation from The Maricopa County Medical Examiner’s Office is still pending.

Rebecca revealed that her brother had struggled with depression, bipolar disorder, and a severe sleep condition that often kept him awake for days.

Friends close to Gregory believe that he had visited the bank on June 12 to deposit residual checks and may have fallen asleep in his car.

Given the extreme heat during Arizona’s summer, it is speculated that he may have succumbed to vehicular heatstroke. According to Intrepid Travel, June temperatures in the area can soar to an average high of 41 degrees Celsius (106F), with lows around 23C (73F).

Tragically, Gregory’s service dog, Hans, also perished in the car.

The news has prompted an outpouring of grief from fans and the entertainment community. Harriet, a fan, expressed her sorrow online, saying, “Omg! That is crushing. So young… why.” Another commented, “Tragic :(“. Chuck added, “Terrible condolences to his family and friends.”

Gregory’s family has issued a statement expressing their deep sorrow and gratitude for the support they have received: “We are grieving a great loss and appreciate everyone’s thoughts and kind words.” They have requested that donations be made in his honor to The Actors Equity Foundation or the ASPCA.

Benji Gregory rose to fame as Brian Tanner on “Alf,” appearing in 101 episodes from 1986 to 1990. Although he continued acting after the show’s end, he did not achieve the same level of stardom and eventually left the entertainment industry in 2003 to serve in the US Navy.

The loss of this beloved actor and ex-serviceman is felt deeply by many who admired his work and his resilience in the face of personal struggles.

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