July 10, 2024

10 things you need to know about Basic Education in Nigeria

BREAKING: FCT teachers chase out pupils from classrooms

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1 There are 46,920,422 pupils/students in private and public primary and junior secondary schools

2 There are 23,858,390 males and 23,062,032 females.

3 Early Childhood Care Education enrolment is 7,267,295, primary school 31,650,023 and Junior Secondary School 8,003,194.

4 There are 171,027 schools made up of 79,795 public and 91,252 private.

5 There are 1,686,535 teachers at that level out of which 354,651 are in Early Childhood Care Education, 915,596 in primary schools and 416,291 in Junior Secondary Schools.

6 Of the number of teachers, 278,189 in ECCE are females, while 76,462 are males. At primary school level, 529,705 are females and 385,828 are males. And at JSS level, 92,598 are females, while 100, 306 are males.

7 Teachers Gap:  Nigeria needs additional 194,876 at Basic Education Level.

8  New classrooms needed at basic education level: 1,107,854.

9 Number of new classrooms needed at primary school level, 907,769 new classrooms required at JSS level 200,085.

10 Students in JSS public schools lacking adequate furniture  73% and those lacking same in private schools are 46%.

Source: Universal Basic Education Commission, UBEC, Fact Sheets.