May 8, 2024

‘I no dey house’, Sabinus tells ‘celebrity’ lawyer, Vera Anyim who wants to visit him

‘I no dey house’, Sabinus tells ‘celebrity’ lawyer, Vera Anyim who wants to visit him

Nigerian skit maker, Emmanuel Chukwuemeka Ejekwu, popularly known as Sabinus, has reacted to BSc Law testifier, Vera Anyim’s interest to connect with him and music star Davido. 

The viral internet sensation revealed her intentions to take over the Nigerian showbiz scene with the aid of Davido and Sabinus.  

In her statement, she stated, “My next movement is to go and meet with Davido you see this celebrity life I must take am by force. After that, I will go and meet with Sabinus. Make una pray for the latest celebrity in town. I go make all of una proud. Please share to reach them”

Reacting to this, Sabinus sent a warning to Anyim Vera and noted that he wasn’t available for such advancements.

The Testimony

In a video that went viral, Vera Anyim testified about how she became the first graduate in her family, recounting that no one from her family moved beyond secondary school.

She said, “I want to appreciate God for my life and my family, and I want to thank God for using mummy and daddy for our sake. It all happened when I was trying to attend the National Open University of Nigeria.

“Before I came to Dunamis, many things were happening in my life and my family; from my father’s side and my mother’s side, nobody was a graduate. They only ended up in primary or secondary school.”

“But when God remembered me, I got a job, and I was working, and I decided to further my education; I started school, and I wanted to do a law programme.

“I started in 2014, and I never lacked the money to pay my school fees; I kept going to the extent that I got to my 500 level, and challenges everywhere: problems, sickness, they afflict me with leg pain, and I was not able to finish my mate had finished. The law programme is six years, but since I was unable to meet up, I keep on like that. But yesterday, I graduated.”

However, in a turn of events, the clergyman questioned the credibility of her testimony after he inquired to know what kind of “law degree,” to which the lady answered “BSc in Law.”

He said, “The moment she talked about a law degree, I knew there is nothing like ‘law’ in what she was saying. No matter how bad it is, it hasn’t reached that level. Is there any lawyer here with a BSc in Law? Lie testimony, come to stand on the altar to tell lies in the name of testimony.” He then demanded that she leave the pulpit.

After the incident, netizens discovered the woman’s Facebook page and photos, confirming that she graduated from the National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN).