April 15, 2024

Pastor Enenche under fire for accusing church member of fake testimony

Pastor Enenche under fire for accusing church member of fake testimony

Nigerians have called on the Senior Pastor of Dunamis International Gospel Centre (DIGC), Paul Enenche, to apologise for calling out a woman for sharing what he claimed to be a “false testimony.”

In a video that went viral on Sunday, the woman, Anyim Vera, had climbed the altar at the popular church in Abuja to share her testimony.


In the video, she testified about how she became the first graduate in her family, recounting that no one from her family moved beyond secondary school.

She said, “I want to appreciate God for my life and my family, and I want to thank God for using mummy and daddy for our sake. It all happened when I was trying to attend the National Open University of Nigeria.

“Before I came to Dunamis, many things were happening in my life and my family; from my father’s side and my mother’s side, nobody was a graduate. They only ended up in primary or secondary school.”

“But when God remembered me, I got a job, and I was working, and I decided to further my education; I started school, and I wanted to do a law programme.

“I started in 2014, and I never lacked the money to pay my school fees; I kept going to the extent that I got to my 500 level, and challenges everywhere: problems, sickness, they afflict me with leg pain, and I was not able to finish my mate had finished. The law programme is six years, but since I was unable to meet up, I keep on like that. But yesterday, I graduated.”

However, in a turn of events, the clergyman questioned the credibility of her testimony after he inquired to know what kind of “law degree,” to which the lady answered “BSc in Law.”

He said, “The moment she talked about a law degree, I knew there is nothing like ‘law’ in what she was saying. No matter how bad it is, it hasn’t reached that level. Is there any lawyer here with a BSc in Law? Lie testimony, come to stand on the altar to tell lies in the name of testimony.” He then demanded that she leave the pulpit.

After the incident, netizens discovered the woman’s Facebook page and photos, confirming that she graduated from the National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN).

The development has sparked widespread public outrage, prompting many Nigerians demanding a public apology from Pastor Enenche and the church.

@NewtonIkire said, “Pastor Paul Enenche of Dunamis just jumped to conclusions Spoken English should never be a yardstick for intelligence Man should have carried out an investigation before publicly putting the woman to shame before the whole world.”

Soulmedika, wrote, “The only thing Pastor Paul Enenche needs to do to that woman is apologise and it should be profuse! All the excuse of ‘it’s not the Pastor’s fault, the woman should have been able to articulate the name of her degree’ is lame! Ye, all should stop acting like Christianity is a cult!”

@LawrenceOkoroPG wrote: “Pastor Paul Enenche cut short this lady’s testimony and called it a lie when she said she got a BSc in Law. He said he suspected she was lying from the way she spoke English. Apparently, it has turned out that the lady wasn’t lying afterwards. She has a LLB in Law, but stage fright made her say BSc in Law. There’s a reason why the Bible says Judgement will start in the church.”

@lollypeezle said, “I understand Pastor Paul Enenche. His church was recently in the midst of a controversy regarding the Miraculous healing of a boy with kidney issue, involving National Hospital Abuja. I am certain he’s not ready for another back and forth, hence the paranoia and distrust for the woman who studied law. He should apologize to her and you should cut him some slacks. Lobatan”

@distinctdickson “The way Pastor Paul Enenche handled the situation was unkind and unnecessary. It’s possible that the woman was nervous or misspoke, but that doesn’t mean she was lying about her achievement (BSc in Law) from NOUN.”