February 21, 2023

Shoday returns with Maradona

Shoday returns with Maradona

When Shodade Segun, professionally known as Shoday, came into limelight, during the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic, with his debut song, ‘Single’ it was glaring that his was a voice with a difference.

After an intriguing 2022 run, Shoday’s legacy blossoms with his latest release dubbed, Maradona.

The love-themed song sees Shoday express his feelings for his lover over mid-tempo percussions and sax. The song showcases his stealth as a songwriter, matching in potency with his earlier releases ‘Caution’ and ‘Dey 4 You’.

Born in Ogun State, the Lagos-based maverick started his career as a content creator and skit maker.

His most recent work dubbed, Caution, shot the singer into global charts including Nigeria Shazam Charts, Top 100 Apple Music, iTunes worldwide charts, among others.

A witty and intriguing talent, Shoday is one of the voices set to hit the top in the Afrobeats scene across Africa.