Reviewed by Star Okpeh

In the short story, Forget You Not by Harriet Digbori, certain themes of powerful significant relevance were considered that leaves one drawn not to the reader’s imagination alone but to realities of everyday life.

Harriet, in her story, explores themes of requited love, friendship, fear, hope, patriotism and the pain families are left with when their loved ones go to war. Lina is the central character. A distressed young wife of a soldier unceremoniously informed of her husband’s death at war. The plot would drag us along days of devastation, loneliness and hurt as she finds herself far from recovery.

During this time, Paula, Lina’s friend, is portrayed as some sort of backbone and therapeutic presence to her. They share a great bond of friendship where nothing is hidden or too uncomfortable to discuss. And, when new love came knocking for our protagonist again, we would follow through her rejection of this development as she struggles to move away from memories of the past.

But can the dead rise again suddenly without warning? Especially when no body was found? I’d leave you to find out.

What I love about Digbori’s twist is how she portrays faith and love in the face of daring circumstances. Someone wrote, “Love is to commit oneself without guarantee.” That true love tampered with by time or ill fate is hard a blow enough to throw one off balance for months, decades and even a lifetime.   

The writer makes good use of flashback in her narration, merging the past and present into one and her diction, chosen simply, inspires a sense of understanding between the reader and narrator’s voice.

A story is a living being telling and retelling reality across people, cultures and norms. The ability to do this and do this well with words is what makes a writer. Here is one stunner of a writer!

Reviewed by Star Okpeh

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