There’s always a guy in every Reality TV show that is a lady’s man and Royalty Reality TV show which is a leadership Reality Tv show airing 10 pm – 11 pm on DSTV 260, GOTV 100 & STARTIMES 113 is no exception.

For the millions of fans watching the reality TV show, they will think is the sexy Romantic health therapist Winston Otto who was nicknamed “Ashewo Pro Max” by his fellow Housemates simply because he massaged more than five ladies on the Night of his late arrival in the Royal House but NO it’s NOT Winston because he is very engrossed with Grace Acha AKA Gracie and has both have been spotted severally in the very romantic corner in the Royal House.

Well, some will Think is Johnwealth, because he is one of the most outspoken persons in the House and one of the senior advocates of the Royal House before he had a fight with Moga the 3rd week Duke of the Royal House over the sharing of food… Well, it’s not Johnwealth Elohim, nor is it Moga Lucas who was once petitioned for stripping in the Royal House in front of his fellow Housemates just to prove that his Boxers are quality despite the price. Lol

Well, I know you will think is Madu Chinonso who is obviously perceived to be a biased witness in the Royal Court, but NO, not Chinonso, it’s also not John Jaddi who has shown to be very much interested in Eno-Obong Akpan AKA fabulousenny and have been seen given intensive body massage to the Ladies in the Royal House. The person to most likely suspect will be Wildee Manfa who was the 1st Duke and apparently one of the best-spoken housemates in the Royal House but NO its not Wildee manfa. Wildee is obviously caught in the middle, the quintessential gentleman seems to like Victoria Lazarus aka VEE but Joy John AKA Grace-Child seems to be a secret lover.

Fans will never really suspect Chidera because he is so loud and perhaps a good pair for Tracy jack AkA Tracy who is also perceived to be extremely loud and controversial but perhaps the two biggest Vibes in the Royal House. It is not Henry ikechukwu or any of the evicted Housemates like Michael Odinaka, Kenwoody ifeanyi, ekunola ayomide, Stanley Shedrach, David Sunday, Tega Oluwatosin or Odiong Ekpedeme rather it is the Royal Court Church Boy, and praise singer Israel Okoroafor AKA Chipraiz.

Yes, Chipraiz is more than a singer; he has proven to be one the biggest ladies’ man who has gotten a few ladies in the Royal House to naturally fall in love with him. One of those ladies who fell victim to his love in the Royal House was Lois Abiodun who obviously fell in love with him and yet caught another female Housemate by the name of mercy on his bed. Mercy Oniobo who was dating [email protected] Odinaka before he was evicted seems to have also fallen for Chipraiz who is an excellent communicator. Chipraiz has also thrown advances on Blessing Promise AKA Vina who also seems to have secretly fallen with his good looks.

Eunice Vantsawa AKA Vantsawa and Ibeh Gloria AKA UniqueGlo seem to be the only ones who have not been caught in the relationship circle.

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