.relationships in digital age

By Oyelola Oluwadamilare

Not so many books have been able to create an interesting exposure into the dynamic difference and impacts modern technology has introduced into human endeavours in the areas of relationships, such as this.

The 292-page book, “Digital Affection”, published by OutofSight hub in 2021 explains in detail the pros and cons of relationships in the digital age without neglecting the way and manner social relations and human cordiality existed before now.

The author, Rotimi Osiyoye, highlighted the various barriers in relationships encountered in the past. Human connections and interactions are limited with various factors ranging from distance to limited channels of communication.

The writer narrates the events of intimacy and courting amongst two lovers in the past when there were no modern technologies and smart devices in comparison with the ways and manners affairs and relationships play out now that we have almost all of these modern devices, mediums and advancement in technologies.

Rotimi Osiyoye explains the paradigm shift as regards feelings, love and intimate affections, in this book, Digital Affections, the psychology of human-to-human relationships in modern times is thoroughly explained: analyzing the merits and demerits. Take, for instance, the method in which information was exchanged in time past, it took a lengthy period for a receiver to get any message from his or her sender and vice-versa; this causes tension and anxiety in the waiting period, unlike now that both the receiver and the sender enjoy real-time plugins and response.

Digital Affections captures the unavailability of firsthand information in the past and the hindrances that come with it. Rotimi Osiyoye, in an interesting manner, narrates how lovers of time past exchange love and affections with little or no intimate moments caused by distance and lack of the digital means to connect seamlessly as it is in this age and time.

The writer is not oblivious of the disadvantages that come with too much access to information due to easy connectivity and communication channels but created an objective balance as regards the advantages enjoyed by the millennial. One of the distinct factors that distinguish the old era of human communication and relationship as compared to the modern-day digital evolution described in “Digital Affections” is the fact that technology has reduced tension and anxiety and people are much more able to leverage knowledgeable information and digital contents to improve on their social capital.

The author mastered the art of relatable storytelling to drive his salient point into the mind of the reader, he maintains momentum with utmost attention to details that distinguish both eras of human social interactions/relationships.

Digital Affections describes with in-depth knowledge, the variables that come with the advent of modern-day technology; thereby changing the usual narrative of human connections, social values and love in its entire essence.

This book is beyond the discussion of relationships in the context of love and the affections that come with its sojourn, the author touches on various aspects of human endeavours, leaving no stone unturned. The writer, Rotimi Osiyoye, shared in this book how the advancement in technology has helped relationships transcend culture and religion, hence building on social interactions and increased interpersonal connections.

The writer painstakingly analyzes the functionality of various social media channels, apps, and codes of their algorithm, one of the chapters also elaborate on the scientific predictions of human relationships with robotics and the eventual progression of our daily lives in the nearest future.

I personally think Rotimi’s vast knowledge towards the creation of this masterpiece stems from the fact that he was old enough to interact and establish relationships in the past as much as he’s not too old to decipher modern-day modes, lifestyles and inventions. Just like he mentioned in his book that if the people of old were able to peep into the future, they would have spent so much time in creating an elixir that will keep them alive to experience the unique momentum in technology and digital evolution.

No single mission of creating spoilers into this masterpiece, but with this brief insight; you can rest assured that “Digital Affection” will provoke your thoughts and reveal the fundamentals of the new frontiers in relationships.


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