September 23, 2021

Why I titled my EP ‘Blue Roses’- Tomidrey

Why I titled my EP ‘Blue Roses’- Tomidrey

Talented Nigerian singer, songwriter and music producer, Oluwatomi Owoeye Agbedavies popularly known as Tomidrey is set to release his long awaited EP aptly titled ‘Blue Roses’.

‘Blue Roses’ which will be officially released on the 24th of September 2021, features a mélange of the singer’s musical ingenuity.
On what inspired the title ‘Blue Roses’, Tomidrey said” I was in a phase in my life were words couldn’t express how I was feeling anymore and music was just there for me.
The meaning of Blue Roses summarized that entire period for me and I just started writing and I had fun with it. New experiences came along too and that’s why it’s more interesting”.

Since stepping into the game at the age of 13 like a lot of his peers in the industry who began their career off in a church, playing instruments, Tomidrey established himself as an outstanding bass player, having performed alongside Davido during his ‘Locked Up’ tour in 2018. The Ekiti-state born music producer is responsible for combining crafted melodies and teasing harmonies over his bass guitar riff on covers of various hit songs on his social media.
The release of his first ever self-produced single “Surround me” featured prominent vocal contributions from Ayotemi and Kaylan Arnold on it. It also amassed over 200,000 streams across multiple streaming platforms and counting.

After teasing about his debut EP earlier, the Music producer has now shared the extended play “Blue roses” Over the 6-tracker project’s intoxicating production, Tomidrey delivers his vocal dexterity as he explores his penchant for singing and songwriting to showcase more of his daring charm.

The LA-based bass player and music producer revealed that ‘Blue Roses’ encapsulates his story, emotion and sound evolution as the title Blue roses stands for desire, love, and the strive for the infinite and the impossible.It symbolizes hope and the beauty of things.

Tomidrey is currently on an impressive run and continues to push his creative boundaries in the Nigerian music scene one musical note at a time. Using this as a pilot, he is set to take 2021 by the scruff of its neck, starting with his debut EP titled “Blue Roses’ .