Insecurity in Nigeria

By Ekanpou Enewaridideke

Contraries do exist. Contraries are everywhere like cobwebs spun by spiders. Contraries – when intellectually ‘panel-beaten’   – are indeed products of dialectical engagements and philosophical depths – though not all the time. Yet, contraries can only careen or canter as a canker when contraries collapse into a mould as a grouse against the Deputy Governor of a state.

Contrary to Hon. Teiyeibo Agbeotu’s and King Alfred Izonebi’s imagistic appropriation of ‘money’ and ‘death’ as the cause of chasm between hitherto close people, that the dearth of mutually agreed theoretical merger between two great thinkers could catastrophically divide two persons and demarcate red lines between them has never occurred to me in my life until recently. Herein lies the dismal failure in the philosophical positions of Hon. Agbeotu and King Izonebi imagistically cast to locate the causative agent of division between people.

Strangely, there is a steadily building tension between His Excellency Kingsley Burutu Otuaro, the deputy Governor of Delta State, and king Izonebi, the great thinker always philosophically equipped or loaded. The tension announced its arrival like a smouldering wood or ember.

For fear this glowing wood could go public and beget monsters between them and be malevolently harvested by their waiting detractors as a windfall, I persuaded King Izonebi to engage Otuaro privately and have their differences sunk amicably like ‘Ekian’ ritual but Izonebi would not even move an inch. The popular ‘Agba calabash-and-the-Tortoise’ philosophy of Timiebi Maika is here again in appropriation by King Izonebi.

Deconstructionists will have Otuaro told that King Izonebi’s grouse against him will be steadily pursued like the calabash and the tortoise as long as the calabash has sworn that the tortoise will not sleep until there is attitudinally chanelled ideological shift in his (Otuaro’s) theoretical structuration away from mere theorization to a meaningfully restructured theoretical merger with the seminal ‘Delta-Ijawism’ theory of King Izonebi’s creation.  

Disappointingly, beyond my private interventionist powers to cage and save Otuaro of any lurking public embarrassment, the tension between them has slipped like that black ‘Biyou-ason’ soap in my hands, now heading inexorably towards conflagration.

Otuaro is that behaviourally and intellectually equipped and balanced great thinker whose historically referential placement is that of the unbeatable deputy governor of Delta State who has no recorded crack with his boss Governor Okowa right from the cradle of their democratic administration till   date.

Admirably, Otuaro is fondly nicknamed the POPE of humanity, meekness and loyalty in Delta State. Even with his phenomenal humility, meekness and loyalty that irradiate and loudly sing a soothing song, what people always first see in him is his intellectual radiance radiated by his propounded development theories and flawless communication of government policies and programmes whenever the need arises.

For anyone who knows him, the pragmatic political, economic and philosophical development theories are always the first identity markers of Otuaro before his phenomenally radiant loyalty to his boss. Otuaro loses his ‘Otuaroriness’ without his development theories because the theories are the developmental navigators in any society envisioned by him.

Everywhere Otuaro goes, he is always first known and lionised for   his development theories before he is identified as a phenomenally loyal deputy governor. Seemingly, Otuaro’s capacity to innovate, create theories and popularise through their pragmatic deployment in every dimension of his daily engagements which endears him to former Governor Ibori, former Governor Uduaghan, Governor Ifeanyi Okowa and many other Deltans must have been derived inspirationally from the Frenchman Bodin who propounded the theory of Separation of Power in the 16th Century, popularised by another Frenchman named Montesquieu through the book THE SPIRIT OF LAWS written in 1948, from A.V. Dicey who propounded and popularised the theory of Rule of Law in 1885 through his own published book entitled LAW OF THE CONSTITUTION, and from Julius Kambarage Iyerere of Tanzania whose political philosophy was ‘UJAMAA’.

As a great thinker, Otuaro owes to these historical personalities his penchant for   structuration in governance through supposed pragmatically anchored theorization. With this rich theoretically charged background, Otuaro would be the manure for good governance in any democratic space – the yeast that activates or catalyses fermentation for ‘Ogogoro’ gin to be later distilled for human consumption.

This is the reason why former Governor James Ibori and former Governor Emmanuel Uduaghan have never lost confidence in Otuaro for   one second in their hey days, and this is exemplified by the appointive positions Otuaro held during the governorship days of Ibori and Uduaghan.

Intriguingly, among Otuaro’s numerous development theories, he is most applauded for his ‘Otuaro-Accomodationism’ theory which prioritises the accommodation of political opponents after electoral victory and engages their resources, energies and expertise in policy-formulation and policy-implementation in any democratic space, and ‘Otuaro-Deltaism’ theory which centres on initiation and execution of development programmes that recognise and reflect the peculiarities, diversities, sensitivities and sensibilities of the people geared towards the attainment of political correctness in project-execution without any form of ethnocentric, religious and nepotistic tendencies or considerations. Otuaro’s development theories are not recent developments: They have always been essential and inseparable part of him from the cradle of his sojourn on earth.

Like the ‘JP-CLARKED’   ‘kwashiokor, The unforeseen camp-follower of not just our war’ in ‘The Casualties’, development theories propounded by Otuaro always follow or stalk him wherever he goes. Right from Asoro Primary   School, Benin City (1980), Immaculate Conception College,   Benin city (1983), Isaba Grammar School, Isaba (1985), Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma (2000),   University of Ibadan (where he had Master’s Degree in Peace and Conflict Studies in 2014), and even as Managing Director of Bruz-Otus Nigeria Ltd (2004), Special Assistant to Governor James Ibori on Community Affairs (2005 – 2007), member of Professor Oyovbaire-led Delta State Technical Support Committee (2008), Chairman, Delta State Rehabilitation Committee (2009), DESOPADEC Commissioner (2011-2012) and Chairman of Delta State Advocacy Committee Against Vandalism of Oil and Gas Facilities (2016 till date), the perpetually vibratory magnetism built around his personality, which sees him in different positions held in the State, is derived chiefly from the invigorating radiance of his formulated development theories always granted experimentation space in his held positions – even if on admirable microcosmic scale!

However, even if the cock does not crow to signal dawn, it is clear Otuaro’s development theories are loudly applauded by Deltans though the embittered King Izonebi holds a contrary view. To King Izonebi, in display of embittered professional self-distantiation from an identified weird development, he yields or lends his ears to be claimed by a clan of wasps   –   or a swarm of wasps   –   if his conviction that ‘Otuaro-Accommodationism’ and ‘Otuaro-Deltaism’ should be ideologically merged and linked to ‘Delta-Ijawism’ as a tripartite theoretical union weighted   to birth Delta Ijaw Governorship in 2023 after rigorous result-oriented engagement of the other ethnic groups that make up Delta State does not strike Otuaro as a noble thought – a desideratum.

Philosophically discerning and deep, King Izonebi sees in the theories of ‘Otuaro-Accommodationism’ and ‘Otuaro-Deltaism’ sociologically beneficial inexhaustible greatness but   this greatness only becomes meaningful when it eruptively turns a magma and condenses into a solid rock for interminable exploitation by man for growth. Ideological yoking of ‘Otuaro-Accommodationism’, ‘Otuaro-Deltaism’ and ‘Delta-Ijawism’ is the needed talisman for the actualization of the Delta Ijaw governorship in 2023.

King Izonebi’s ‘Delta-Ijawism’ theory is centripetally geared towards the production of Ijaw governor. Otuaro’s development theories have   the potential to consolidate the theoretical vision of ‘Delta-Ijawism’ through deliberate yoking and merger. To the resentment of King Izonebi, Otuaro is yet to see the need to collapse his two theories into ‘Delta-Ijawism’ and pragmatically brighten the chances of having Ijaw man as a governor in Delta State in 2023.

This fatal failure of Otuaro to strike a congruent theoretical companionship and partnership with ‘Delta-Ijawism’ is the focal point of King Izonebi’s grouse against Otuaro. It is this lack of theoretical co-operation between ‘Otuaro-Accommodationism’, ‘Otuaro-Deltaism’ and ‘Delta-Ijawism’ that has implacably infuriated King Izonebi against His Excellency Otuaro.

It is interesting to note that when the creation of politically, socially, economically and philosophically relevant development theories endearingly becomes the distinguishing mark of a man – which is what characterises Otuaro – then such a fortunate man of that endearing stature is likely to leave a remarkable rainbow-like mark of achievement or performance in any space of sojourn – even if it is in geophysical exploration space.

A governance or administrative geophysist Otuaro could be endearingly nicknamed in a language of contextualization by Deltans! Even at that, King Izonebi’s grouse against Otuaro still remains unquestionable because a fresh, effervescent and frothing palm wine will only make meaning to ‘Ogogoro’ merchants in terms of profitability when it enjoys qualification as ‘a strong Ogogoro gin’ after the distillation process – a strong Ogogoro gin where bubbles appear and disappear as quickly as they appear when shaken as a test of the quality of the ‘Ogogoro’ gin distilled.

I am saddened by some feelers that have just arrived. These latest feelers indicate that King Izonebi’s flaming anger and grouse against his Excellency Otuaro would condense like a volcano into a musical satire in no distant time. Otuaro will have no one to blame if King Izonebi satirically wages war against him on the musical front because King Izonebi’s provocation is justifiable when his seminal ‘Delta-Ijawism’ theory is critically subjected to deconstruction or hermeneutics beyond the soothing musical nectar it carries as a by-product of a released song.

The entire world can testify to the fact that His Excellency Otuaro cannot forget in a hurry that the theory of Separation of Power was propounded by the Frenchman Bodin but it was popularised   by another Frenchman called Montesquieu. Has it not struck His Excellency Kingsley Burutu Otuaro that ‘Otuaro-Accommodationism’ and ‘Otuaro-Deltaism’ could be equally popularised in pragmatic terms by King Izonebi through a theoretical merger with the seminal ‘Delta-Ijawism’ theory? Until His Excellency, Otuaro, is awakened to this reality, King Alfred Izonebi will never be placated in his grouse against the Deputy Governor of Delta State.    

Enewaridideke writes from Akparemogbene, Delta State.


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