…has anybody responded to Reps’ resolution on the state of emergency? He asks

…says menace is being fanned by people who should fight it

By Levinus Nwabughiogu-Abuja

A Senior Advocate of Nigeria, SAN, Chief Emeka Etiaba has said that Nigerian governors were handicapped in waging a frontal, aggressive war against the insecurity ravaging their various States.

Attributing their impediment to the constitutional provisions, Etiaba who spoke exclusively to Vanguard in Abuja over the weekend called for the urgent amendment of the laws to provide for state police and other measures within the powers of the governors.

Though they were called the chief security officers of their states, Etiaba said the governors were still not in charge of security in their domains.

He said: “In the southeast, I have access to the governors. So, I shouldn’t address them on the pages of the newspaper but I am very sure they listen to me. And they are not complacent. It is just that their own abilities in keeping security are limited. There is a limit to what they can do. And seeing how fragmented the nation is, whatever step you take, the people who are at the receiving end will say he is fighting our people. We have a problem and the problem will soon eat up everybody if nothing is done.

“That’s the constitution. That’s why everybody is seeking a constitutional amendment so that we have state police as we have it in every civilized clime. If every state has state police, then, the governor who is in control can call the shots. Now, the Governor chastises the commissioner of police in his state for not doing well, the IGP will want him if the commissioner is quarrelling with the Governor but if the Governor and the commissioner are working in sync, there could be an order for that commissioner to go because the governor is probably not in APC and so, he shouldn’t mingle with the commissioner of police and all that. So, we are not serious.

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“We are politicizing everything in the country. But unfortunately, in the past few years, Nigeria has degenerated to the level where total destruction is possible.”

The Senior member of the Nigerian bar who is also a governorship aspirant in the November 6, 2021election in Anambra State alleged that the menace of insecurity was being fanned by people who should be fighting.

“Insecurity has not been given the best shots. It has rather been encouraged or fanned by the people who should fight it. I don’t believe we have given our best to the fight against insecurity.

“We are more like unconcerned. If I speak out now against the kidnaps that are going on in Kaduna, one of the presidential aides will jump at me and tell you I have done this and that as if what I have done has anything to do with the truth I have said. Anybody, who stands up and accuses the Federal government of not doing enough in any area of governance, nobody deals with the substance that you have come up with. What they will deal with is who I am and how bad I am. We have really not done our best in terms of security”, he said.

Etiaba also showed displeasure with the federal government for the delay in implementing the resolution of the House of Representatives on the declaration of a state of emergency on security.

“I support that move but unfortunately, who are talking to. Has anybody responded to them? You are talking to a government that doesn’t talk back to you except to abuse you if they feel that you are crossing the line. So, I don’t know what we will do or what will happen. But I pray that something happens in terms of the government having a change of heart”, he said.

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