May 26, 2021

Fani-Kayode celebrates three adorable sons, Ragnar, Aiden, Liam in rare birthday tribute

Fani-Kayode celebrates three adorable sons, Ragnar, Aiden, Liam in rare birthday tribute

Happy birthday to my darling sons, Ragnar, Aiden and Liam.

From the moment I watched you slip into the world when you were born 3 years ago today you have brought me nothing but joy and pride. From that second I have never stopped loving you and I never will.

Each and every day of those three years has been one of immense satisfaction and pleasure. Your very existence and the fact that you keep flourishing and going from strength to strength is a confirmation of the efficacy of prayer and evidence of the power, grace and mercy of the Living God.

Yet I am not surprised because our God is faithful unto His own and you are all covenanted and dedicated to Him and none other.

We are one and nothing can change that. Nothing can ever come between us. I am honoured and proud to be your father and you have given me an additional reason to continue to live, to fight on, to overcome every hurdle and to excel.

For you, I will do anything. For you, I will endure anything. For you, I will fight anything. For you I will take anything.

You are blessed in every way and you will never fail, fall or be ashamed. The Lord stands for you and the blood of Jesus speaks for you just as I do every day.

No force on earth or from hell will destroy you or deny and deprive you of your heritage, substance, essence, virtues, glory, honour, dignity and destiny.

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The word of the Lord is your shield and the promise of the Lord is your strength.

You hail from a great, illustrious, distinguished and ancient lineage and your heritage is one of honour, loyalty, courage, strength, decency, service to our nation and nobility.

From Ile Ife, the Source hailed your forefathers hundreds of years ago and I know that one day you shall do both me and them proud with your outstanding and remarkable exploits and great achievements.

I see traits of that greatness in the three of you already and in your older brother Aragorn. Your brilliance, strength, eagerness to always share with others and make them happy and able to endure is extraordinary and your insight and understanding, even at such an early age, is remarkable. You are a working miracle from the wonder of God.

Be rest assured that I will never leave you and I will continue to love you, stand by you and pray for you every day.

Outside of that, you know that millions are praying for you as well and love you deeply.

You are my strength and your older brother Aragorn, your sisters and other siblings and indeed our entire family and household all love you so much. Each and everyone one of them simply adores you.

As for me, I loved you yesterday, I love you today and I shall love you forever and long into eternity.

I bless you with the blessing of a father. I give and grant you that only which a father can give and grant with the words of his lips. You shall live long and prosper and you shall excel. You shall never lack and neither shall you ever suffer or see shame.

The Lord shall exalt your horn and enlarge your coast. You shall be as a well-watered garden: fruitful and productive.

The Lord shall smite down your enemies and those that hate you.

You shall live long and prosper and all the days of your lives you shall enjoy the fruit and fat of the land.

The sun shall not smite you by day nor the moon by night.

The stars, the air, the fire, the water, the earth, the elemental forces and all the powers of the cosmos shall fight for you and the forces of darkness and agents of satan shall crumble before you.

The counsel of the ungodly shall never stand over you and neither shall bloodthirsty or evil men ever see or come near you.

You shall go from strength to strength: you shall never faint and neither shall you ever be wary.

The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and the God of David shall renew your strength all the days of your lives, He shall be your great provider and your shield and buckler.

They shall know that your God and your father’s God is mighty and that He is faithful, true and irresistible in battle.

Happy birthday to my handsome Princes’ and my beautiful sons, Ragnar, Aiden and Liam.

Live long and prosper my strength: your stars shall never be dimmed and neither shall they ever be eclipsed.

I thank God for each and every one of you. Glory be unto His holy name forever.

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