February 18, 2021

John Kola Idowu releases audio-visual for ‘Jesu Jafunmi’ 

John Kola Idowu releases audio-visual for ‘Jesu Jafunmi’ 

Evangelist John Kola Idowu

Evangelist John Kola Idowu

In preparation for his album which is due for release in April, evangelist and musician, John Kola Idowu, has released the audio and visuals of ‘Jesu Jafunmi’ one of the songs on the forthcoming album titled ‘GRACE’.

‘Jesu Jafunmi’ is an Afrobeat gospel song laden with prayers and prophetic declarations of God’s promises and the power in the blood of Jesus Christ.

Talking about the inspiration and message behind the song, Evangelist John Kola-Idowu said; “I was born into a polygamous family, lost my mom at the age of six.

“I grew up in my father’s house with no voice to fight for me. In a polygamous setting, the father, head of the household is the main provider, and children don’t have the audacity to walk into their father’s bedroom. only the wives do.

“I see my stepmoms walking into that bedroom defending and fighting for my siblings. Major life decisions about my future were made without my consent.

“I also see other parents fighting and defending their children. I see political godfathers fight for and defend their sons.

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“We can also see Sunday Igboho allegedly fighting for the Yorubas, Nnamdi Kanu fighting for the Igbo. I think it’s in the nature of humans to fight and protect their own.

“I have witnessed an incident in which a teacher beat a student for doing wrong and the student took his father to school the following day.

“The father was a voodoo man and went to threaten the teacher and the entire school with charms. Since that day, no one dares touch the young man again.

“That’s voodoo o! How much more God. I believe so much in the power of God and it’s evident in my life. The challenges of life are numerous and to become an overcomer, we can’t remove God from the equation.”

The visuals, which was shot by video director, Lexten interpreted the song and the intention of the singer, which is to firmly believe the word without shaking and boldly confront every situation knowing that Christ has already won the victory.

The song was produced by ace music producer Dr. Gee and released under the imprint of JKI Gospel Music.

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