January 30, 2021

Virtual Numbers are your best choice

We are currently living in a hyper connected world, where communication plays a fundamental role in our modern society. Either you are a business person or an internet user, virtual numbers are a tool you can use.

In this article we will show you how to get the best out of cloud telephony and satisfy all of your needs with an alternative that will help you simplify your telecommunications.

As opposed to a telephone line, virtual telephony is a cloud based system capable of functioning just as a regular telephone service with the only exception that is not associated to a specific phone line. Everything you need to use this innovative service is a good and stable internet connection –it is not necessary to invest on expensive phone line rentals to enjoy this technology.

Virtual telephone numbers have the same features as conventional telephony: voice and video calls, plus instant messaging. As long as you have a cloud communication provider and access to the network, all of these functions will work perfectly on literally any device: smartphone, laptop, desktop and even tablet.

This virtual telephony system, also known as Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), offers you many benefits. Let’s talk a little bit about them:

  • PROFESSIONAL IMAGE – if you own a business, virtual numbers will allow you to establish a professional brand image with a familiar and personalized touch. Moreover, the communication process will be conveniently devolved and with no complications, which will help you reach a greater number of clients as they will always have a way to contact you no matter the time or place of location.
  • MORE SECURITY – those people who prefer not to share their personal information can protect their privacy. Having a virtual number allows you to eliminate security vulnerabilities while safe guarding your identity and location, since neither of them can be associated to you.
  • VERSABILITY – you can purchase the service that adjusts perfectly to your needs or preferences – you can choose between Fixed and Non-Fixed Even though these two are virtual numbers, there are some noticeable differences you should know. Fixed VoIP numbers are related to a physical location, but still do not depend on any phone line. To the contrary, Non-Fixed VoIP numbers (or Non VoIP numbers) are not attached to a specific location, which is why users can select any area code of their choice. These virtual numbers are quite easy to obtain.
  • PORTABILITY – if you constantly travel for work or pure pleasure, inside or outside your own country, you can take your virtual telephone number with you. The biggest benefit of this is that you get to reduce communication costs when making calls and sending text messages. Also, it will allow you to have more privacy since you won’t be using your personal phone.
  • COST EFFICIENT – a VoIP number is a beneficial and less expensive way to stay connected with others. Regardless of the use you give to it (business or personal), you’ll realize it is an affordable and efficient alternative to communicate.

These virtual numbers are legit, which means you can use them to register in any platform with no risk of blocking, since they come from real SIM cards. You can get them through different providers, such as VerifyWithSMS.

Operated by the Epsilon Technology LTD company, it is an sms verification service that offers UK Non VoIP numbers at the best prices on the market, helping you tobypass phone number validation process in any platform of your choice – from Amazon and CoinBase to Facebook and Netflix.

These virtual numbers have the peculiarity of being temporary, which is why you will have from 5 to 10 minutes to complete your account verification. VerifyWithSMS only charges right after the verification is done, so you can feel safe with this service.

Clients just need to have access to internet connection to purchase as many numbers as they want. This service counts with different payment methods that will make the entire validation process much easier and faster. Most of its clients come from the US, Bangladesh, Morocco and even the UK.

Without a doubt this service is simple, fast and reliable. Sign up is easy and free, with just a click you can obtain a quality service. Take a look and encourage yourself to use these real UK based phones.

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