By Lawani Mikairu

A development driven group – African Growth, weekend said it is initiating action to raise funds to address the lingering challenges and myriad of problems facing the continent.

With its core objective of bringing development to Africa, a spokesperson for the organisation said it is sending out requests to Africans who can generate much needed funds for the development of the continent.

The organisation has revealed that Africans willing to release funds for such projects could then recommend and execute them under a  very transparently managed and accountability focused environment.

Explaining the modalities of operations, a coordinator of the project, Gloria Poku Adusi stated that 75% of the realised profits from such projects will be used exclusively for the development of Africa on a massive scale.

Adusi further said that, in order to encourage Africans to take part in the process, 10% of the profits realized from it would be retained by those who brought the projects about, while the remaining 15% will be used for the development, expansion and management of the project that generated the profit, to help bring it to global standards, such that the projects will be able to generate the sort of funds that will help transform the continent.

The coordinator emphasised that the strategic position of Nigeria in Africa has been a determinant of why the organisation is going to focus more on the country initially, in order to put them on the right track which will then rub off on other African countries.

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“This is why our priority is set on getting Nigeria on the right track and Nigeria’s success will make it that bit easier for other countries in the continent to become successful as well. Several people have handed in their projects for us to review and we have been able to spot one project with lots of potential. The project we are referring to is a platform known as ViaNile.Com. We would describe ViaNile as a platform with a blend of the features of Amazon and Facebook combined. I encourage everyone to download and use the  app,” she noted.

Adusi therefore, urged  all “Africans to join this mass movement of development of Africa by Africans and for Africa. We are appealing to anyone with suggestions or relevant strategic ideas on how we can generate funds for the development of Africa, to come forward with such suggestions or ideas.”

“As individuals who want the growth of Africa, we should not centre our thinking on only what we stand to benefit from our country or our continent. Instead, we should focus more on what we can give of ourselves for Africa to become a better place.”

“This is the only continent we have, please help your continent if you can. An amount of $1,000 will be given to anyone whose project is accepted, so that such a person can get the working tools required for the work ahead”, she added..

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